Top 3 Nuts for Greater Strength and Muscle Size

When it comes to working out to build muscle, everyone is obsessed with meat and protein in general, but there are many other foods that help to build muscle and look better, too.

Honestly, protein doesn't deserve all the attention it gets. Understandably so, foods that are protein-rich can help to boost muscle protein synthesis, but when it comes to energy for exercise, very few foods will beat complex carbohydrates or nuts.

Learn why nuts are so important if you’re working to build your muscles and which ones are best for your personal workout goals.

Why Nuts are Important for Strength

Any food that contains a wide spectrum of nutrients is important for muscle mass and strength. Nuts and seeds bring many essential nutrients to the table.

Consider these reasons to include more nuts in your diet while you’re working on building your muscles:

  • They are plentiful in vitamins and minerals - especially those that you cannot obtain in any other source, like magnesium and zinc.
  • Most nuts have a great amino acid spectrum and a large supply of protein. They support muscle development and general growth.
  • Nuts are a very good source of fat - mainly unsaturated fats. Many nuts have even been shown to lower cholesterol levels, which is amazing considering their fat levels.

These characteristics make nuts versatile tools to use for strength sessions. You can eat them before a workout for energy during your training session or wait until after your workout to assist in the recovery of soft tissue.

What Nuts are Best for Strength and Size?

When it comes to building muscle, there are a select few nuts that stand out from the rest. Please note that cost doesn’t figure into this analysis. These tips are based solely on which nuts are best for total strength because of the nutrients they provide.

These nuts best support working out for strength and muscle size:

Pistachios. Hands down the best nut for overall health and strength, pistachios have a unique ability to remove plaque and other buildups in the body while also having a very high protein content for building muscle.

  • This means cleaner and better blood flow for a dense nutrient delivery to working muscles - the perfect combination for strength.

Cashews. The gold standard in strength training has always come from cashews. Cashews are popular for two reasons:

  • First, they contain a very good dosage of iron, which is great for cardiovascular exercise and general health.
  • Second, they contain one of the best amino acid spectrums among other nuts and protein sources.

Walnuts. Walnuts aren’t just for the holidays! They could be the best-balanced nut you can buy. Stock up on these nuts, as the protein content, vitamins, and minerals found within walnuts provide immense strength benefits.

If you’ve been struggling to find more energy during your training session, or perhaps you aren’t recovering as fast as you thought you would, this could be the secret formula for your workout success.

Do yourself a favor and make a tasty trail mix with nuts, cranberries, and raisins! Enjoy!

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