Daily Health Tips: Blog Daily Health Tips: Blog https://www.dailyhealthtips.co/blog/ Copyright by Daily Health Tips en Daily Health Tips Sun, 07 Aug 2022 23:50:45 -0400 Five Herbs to Help Curb Your Cravings When Suffering From Addiction Addiction is one of the hardest battles to face in life and the self control it can take to stay on track with recovery, as well as the toll both addiction and withdrawals can have on the body can lead to cravings that may leave recovery hanging in the balance.

Suffering from drug abuse is difficult to overcome, and taking the first step to treatment can prove difficult in itself. Then the effort and determination that’s needed to go through the treatment process can take serious guts. However, someone who has suffered from addiction, whether it be drug, alcohol or any other form, is always in recovery and those cravings can come at any time.

It’s ensuring no relapses occur that is key to staying on track, avoiding having to start again, and maintaining a new, healthy lifestyle. And quelling those cravings can be aided in a number of ways, including by simply adding some herbs into your diet. But what are the five best herbs that can quell cravings?

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper isn’t for those that don’t enjoy spice, particularly as to quell cravings it’s recommended you eat it raw or powdered. However, it is proven to be useful when suffering from alcohol cravings, and helping with withdrawal symptoms from both alcohol and drugs.

That’s because the pepper can stimulate endorphins and increase metabolism, while also boosting your appetite, meaning your cravings may sway more towards food.

St John’s Wort

St John’s Wort is well known as a herb that can help combat depression and it’s that mood boosting effect it has that can help with reducing alcohol and nicotine cravings, as well as being a useful herb to take to alleviate withdrawal symptoms from drug addiction and in particular opiates.

You can get St John’s Wort in supplement form from most health food shops and pharmacies and is really good to have in your cupboards if you are suffering from addiction.

Kava Kava

Kava Kava can come in a number of forms on the market these days and can be taken in capsule form, as a tincture, or even be added to your tea. It is a calming herb that will help ease anxiety, which can often bring on cravings to numb that pain.

The herb can help combat cravings for drugs, alcohol, nicotine and many other forms of addiction, as ultimately it’ll help clear your mind and feel more relaxed.


Many people can’t stand the taste of liquorice. But to quote Bertie Bassett, it really can help with all sorts. Because liquorice acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it has proven to ease the pain and suffering of alcohol withdrawal, which in turn will limit cravings. The most efficient way to take the herb is usually as a tea - we’re not suggesting you go and buy a packet of sweets.


Ginseng is another that is particularly useful for those suffering with either an opiate or alcohol addiction, and it can be eaten raw, added to tea or even steamed lightly to have an impact on metabolism and the elimination of toxins.

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8 Tips for Vacationing During Menopause Menopause is an overwhelming time, and it makes many women feel completely out of control of their bodies. Lots of menopausal women stop traveling altogether, for fear that a hot flash will strike while they aren’t at home. If you’ve stopped going on trips because you’re going through menopause, we’re here to tell you that traveling during menopause is totally possible — it just takes proper preparation.  Here are our top eight tips for successfully going on vacation during perimenopause and menopause:

Bring remedies in your carry-on.

Just as with any other medication, you should bring enough menopause relief products with you to last the entire trip, plus a couple of extra days in case you get delayed. This is true for both prescription medications as well as over-the-counter supplements; don’t rely on them being available at your destination. If you are flying, these should be in your carry-on (preferably your under-the-seat bag) so that you won’t be separated from them. If you are driving, put them in a secure place where they won’t accidentally fall out of the car during stops.

Choose breathable clothes.

Wearing clothes that don’t let your skin breathe will make you uncomfortable and can even trigger a hot flash. Try to pack mostly lightweight cotton clothes, which is one of the most breathable fabrics available. You should bring multiple outfits, including a couple of sets of pajamas, so that you can change if you sweat through your clothes. If you like to travel light and prefer not to pack as many clothes, try to book a place with a washing machine so that you can do a load mid-trip.

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Prioritize cooler destinations and seasons.

Traveling during the summer or to very hot destinations can worsen your menopause symptoms and make your trip very unpleasant. Instead, prioritize cooler destinations and try to go when temperatures are more moderate. Escaping to the opposite hemisphere is a great way to miss out on the unbearable summer months at your home.

If you are set on going to a hotter destination, plan your itinerary so that most activities take place in the morning or evening hours, avoiding the hottest times in the middle of the day. Try to do as many indoor activities as possible to minimize your time outside.

Be prepared for erratic periods.

During perimenopause, you may still get your period, but it tends to come at erratic times — meaning that it could strike in the middle of your vacation (and probably while you are wearing those cute white linen pants, at that). We recommend bringing a small supply of menstrual products with you, even if it’s been a while since you had a period. This will ensure that you have what you need on hand to get through the first couple of days of your period in case you start menstruating while you are traveling.

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Avoid common triggers.

Most people like to indulge in food and drink when they are on vacation. Unfortunately, most common treats, including alcohol, sweets and spicy food, are all known to trigger menopausal bloating, hot flashes and other symptoms. We recommend limiting your consumption of these foods and drinks as much as possible in order to make your trip the best experience possible.

If you do want to chance the occasional trigger treat, make sure that you are prepared for the symptoms that might follow. Try to time your indulgence so that you don’t have any activities immediately afterward — for instance, have a drink at dinner before heading back to your hotel; this will give you a chance to rest if your menopause symptoms do occur.

Guard against brain fog.

Menopause-induced brain fog can make planning really difficult, not to mention cause you to forget essential items like tickets and passports. If you have a travel companion who doesn’t also have brain fog, outsourcing the planning to them is a good idea to ensure that you don’t forget anything essential.

If you like to travel alone or with friends who are also going through menopause, choose nearby destinations that you can drive to and keep your itinerary more open-ended. This will give you the flexibility to navigate brain fog episodes without upsetting your vacation plans.

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Manage your stress.

Travel can be stressful, especially if you tend to pack your itinerary full of time-sensitive activities. This can cause a lot of stress, which is, unfortunately, a trigger for menopause symptoms, including hot flashes. We recommend spacing out your itinerary and giving yourself plenty of time to deal with unexpected delays, whether that’s missing luggage or having a hot flash. You should also make time for relaxing activities, such as doing meditation, fitting in your pelvic floor exercises or getting a massage. This will help keep your menopause symptoms in check and help you enjoy your vacation even more.

Control what you can.

One of the most stressful things about travel is that so many things are out of your control. We recommend planning an itinerary that will give you more control rather than less. For instance, a vacation rental with a full kitchen will allow you to prepare meals instead of gambling at a local restaurant. Driving instead of flying will allow you to stop whenever you need to use the restroom. By making choices that keep more factors in your control, you will be better equipped to deal with the curveballs that travel throws your way.

Going through menopause doesn’t mean that you have to put your entire life on hold, and that includes your travel plans. Follow these tips to make traveling during menopause as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

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The Complete Finger Food for Children Finger foods are made in a style that can be eaten using hands and are familiar to children. These foods can be introduced to a child after they master purees. However, the introduction time is different for babies; but it mainly occurs within seven to nine months.

At this time, the child is mastering the palmar grasp, and they are also learning how to put their hands in the mouth. The WHO recommends these foods be introduced at six months, and you should ensure your child shows the following signs before administering these foods;

  • Good head and trunk control
  • Sitting with no assistance
  • Interested in food.

Below we discuss all you should know about finger foods for baby.

How to Introduce Finger Foods

You can introduce finger foods to your child in several ways, and below, we discuss a few;

  • Baby-Led Weaning

This entails feeding children finger foods from the beginning, around six months of age. Here, you should keep it basic and begin with 2-3 foods simultaneously. Do not put large food quantities on the plate. Also, start with stick-shaped foods to make grasping easier.

  • In-stages

Here, it will help to give dissolvable or meltable foods to the child, but only if the first stage is successful.

Preparing Finger Foods

Below we discuss how to prepare finger foods;

  • Soft foods- finger foods should be soft enough to enable the child to squeeze them between their fingers. The baby's first food should be smooth for easy gnawing. Other foods, like pawpaw's, are generally soft, while vegetables and fruits require steaming.

How to Keep the Baby Safe

Parents know how scary it is to introduce finger foods to their children. However, the fears loosen with the proper knowledge and calculation, making this adventure enjoyable for both of you. You should avoid choking on food, and the child should be seated upright.

Parents should also check the child's mouth after eating. This is important because some babies might pocket food on their cheek's side after eating or remain with stuck food.

Best Finger Foods for Children

Below we discuss the top finger foods you should consider feeding to your child;

  • Banana- should be peeled or crushed for easy eating
  • Salmon- should be baked, and the skin removed
  • Oats- let them cook for five minutes, and serve them in round potties.

However, certain foods increase your child’s choking chances, depending on the preparation. Parents should avoid feeding their children the following foods;

  • Melon balls
  • Fish with bones
  • Popcorn
  • Dried fruits
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Raw and complex fruits.

Parents should also avoid feeding honey to the child until they surpass one year since it has a botulism risk. Undercooked meals like meat or eggs can also cause a food-borne infection. Low food fat versions should not be fed to children because they require fat for development.

Final Thoughts

Finger foods play a significant role in the child's development and should be given at an early age. They include fish, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. The above article has discussed all you need to know about these foods, and more are available online.

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Ayurvedic Products: Holistic Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle Ayurveda, one of India's most ancient and revered medical systems, has its roots in the Vedic scriptures. As the Sanskrit words Ayur and Veda indicate life and wisdom, the term Ayurveda was coined. This "Science of Life" focuses on maintaining harmony between mind, body, and soul in indigenous herbal medicine.

These three biophysical forces (doshas) are present in everyone, but one is more prominent than the other two in the human body. In Ayurveda, a sickness can be caused by a shortage or excess of certain doshas. Because of this, proper nutrition and lifestyle are necessary to maintain an equal balance between the three tridoshas.

What is the Ayurvedic Approach

According to Ayurveda, the mind and body are inseparable and that the mind may heal and transform a person's entire being. According to Ayurveda, even small mental anguish can have a significant impact on one's quality of life and lead to a variety of ailments, both physical and mental.

Ayurvedic products and services have evolved over the past several years as a holistic healing approach. Ayurveda's growth in India has been fueled by a rise in knowledge of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, an increase in desire for chemical-free natural products, and favorable government efforts. A more natural and holistic style of life is becoming increasingly popular with consumers in the post-covid-19 pandemic.

In Ayurveda, the root reasons of one's health issues are discovered and treated. These techniques are focused on finding out the root cause of a sickness, which can be found in nutrition or heredity or mental condition or lifestyle. ayurveda practices According to Ayurveda, a person's mind, energy, and soul form an integrated whole. Consequently, the traditional healthcare system strives to restore the natural condition of harmony by a deeper corrective level. Preventative measures and a healthy lifestyle are the cornerstones of successful ayurvedic products. There is also much to be learned from Ayurveda about the conditions that affect our emotional and physical well-being.

Modern Applications of Ayurveda

Other living things, such as plants and animals, are included in the natural and holistic medical system, which is not limited to human health. As a result, the application of Ayurveda to agriculture and veterinary medicine might have fruitful results. It's been around for millennia, but people have only just begun to appreciate Ayurveda's full potential. Ayurvedic remedies have been around for a long time, and many people still use them to improve their quality of life.

Increasing numbers of individuals are beginning to see the benefits of natural medicine and healthcare. In the eyes of many health-conscious people, natural has replaced synthetic and artificial as the new slogan for living a healthy lifestyle. Increasing numbers of people are turning to herbal medicine and homeopathy and becoming more confident in their effectiveness. Ayurveda is steadily making its way to the forefront of modern healthcare as the world grapples with its many insecurities about the current system.

Factors Driving Demand of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, honed over centuries, has the potential to transform the current healthcare ecosystem and ensure a more sustainable future for healthcare. With its 'Preventative medicine is better than curative medicine' mantra, Ayurveda is known for its holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Ayurvedic products have cured several illnesses that allopathic therapy could not, in a number of cases.

With regards to modern disease care, Ayurveda experts believe that the ancient medicinal system has a lot to teach us. Unlike western medicine, which primarily addresses the symptoms of a disease, alternative medical practices such as Ayurveda and homeopathy looks at the individual as a whole, not just the symptoms, and uses this information to choose the best course of therapy. Ayurveda also emphasizes the importance of a person's mental well-being in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Due to the paucity of evidence-based studies on ayurvedic treatments, however, Ayurveda has not yet received the recognition it deserves. Ayurveda may gain to prominence in the next years as more people become aware of its benefits, but this should not come as a surprise. An overwhelming majority of Ayurvedic practitioners in India agreed that quick adoption of integrated technologies was necessary to enhance the ecosystem.

Impact of COVID-19 on Ayurveda

There have been a lot of changes in the popularity of Kadha recently despite its long history of use, especially during the cold and cough season. Consumer interest and demand for Kadha have steadily increased from the early surge of Covid-19 instances. Herbs and spices used in the appropriate proportions in kadha help support a healthy immune system and fend off diseases. Anti-inflammatory herbs, such as turmeric, giloy, black pepper, tulsi, ginger, and others, can aid in boosting the immune system. These ayurvedic medications offer a hopeful and preventive approach to enhancing the body's ability to fend off sickness. Ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines, in contrast to allopathic ones, have no long-term negative effects when taken in the recommended dosages.

Covid-19 has been a blessing in disguise for the ayurvedic industry as India continues to show the world the potential of Ayush in the fight against this pandemic. An increasing number of Indian states have approved ayurvedic treatment as an alternative to chemotherapy and radiation for patients who test positive for Covid-19. Adapting ayurvedic approaches to control the spread of coronavirus has been a great achievement in Kerala. To gain a better grasp of the ancient medical system, studies on ayurvedic drugs during pandemics would be valuable.

The Future of Ayurveda

In light of the pandemic, people are beginning to reevaluate their lifestyle choices and the culture in which they live. The beauty sector has also seen a shift toward Ayurveda, as evidenced by a rise in the popularity of Ayurvedic items, including food, immunity boosters, and dietary supplements.

Many people have seen the benefits of incorporating Ayurveda into their daily lives because of the system's long history of success. Ayurveda is still relevant today and will continue to be so in the future, according to the ancient philosophy. As more people become aware of natural and homeopathy and traditional medicines' efficacy, research and development efforts are increasing, there is less reliance on the allopathic healthcare system, the growth of self-taught customers, and the incidence of chronic conditions, Ayurveda's reach could expand.

For our own good, we must adapt this clean, healthy, and relaxing approach. A healthy and ailment-free future can be achieved by using natural therapies, which have fewer adverse effects.

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Owatonna Chiropractor Gives Advice on Reducing Back Pain and Neck Pain Working with patients every day has taught me two stark realities. The first is that most Americans have been systematically trained to believe that they are not capable of taking control of, building up, and regaining their health. The second is that there is a serious want for knowledge concerning exercises for the spinal column. Most people are aware of the benefits of doing bicep curls to help build the strength of the arms. What is less known is how to strengthen the deep muscles of the neck and lower back to regain lost strength. Building the strength of these muscle groups will help the neck and low back resist future injuries as well as increase the controlled movement of the spine so that greater functionality can be enjoyed. Many times, people can enjoy relief from chronic neck pain as well as chronic low back pain when using core strengthening exercises daily.  

The movements that will be focused on are flexion and extension. Flexion is when you bend the spinal column forward. It’s the shape your spine assumes when you’re about to roll forward into a summersault. Extension is when you bend the spinal column backward. The shape your spine assumes when it’s in extension is how it moves when you first wake up in the morning and take your big stretch while arching your spine backwards.  

Injuries to the neck from car crashes, car collisions, whiplash injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and blunt trauma can damage the muscles of the neck and cause a disconnect to form between the brain and the muscles of the neck. This creates what is known as an improper motor pattern. What we need to do is restore a proper motor pattern through consistent use of the previously damages muscles that have since become dysfunctional. The same improper motor patterning can occur in the low back region following injuries such as disc herniations, compression fractures, falls from great heights, work injuries, sports injuries, and slips on ice. The process is very similar when rehabbing the muscles of the low back through exercises.  

Exercises For the neck:  

1)    Deep neck flexor endurance exercise  

For this exercise you will begin by laying on your back on a comfortable surface. Next, you will tuck your chin into your chest without lifting your head up. You should feel a tight pinching contraction in the deep front muscles of your neck near your collarbone. After you have a good contraction started, you will lift your head up as minimally as possible. People often make a mistake by lifting their head up a lot. This activates a different set of muscles which defeats the purpose of doing the exercise. We are targeting the small muscles of the front neck, so lift your head off ever so slightly. The intensity of the contraction should increase. Don’t be surprised if your head starts to shake and it is difficult to breathe. Focus on breathing through your nose and keep your chin from moving. The quality of the contraction is more important than how long you hold it for. Aim to do 3 solid contractions every day, either in the morning or in the evening.  

2)    Neck extension endurance exercise  

For this exercise you will begin by laying on your stomach on a comfortable surface. Next, you will look at the wall in front of you while maintaining contact with your chin on the ground. This will preposition your neck in the proper curve before beginning the exercise. After this, you will lift your head off the ground about 1-2 inches and hold this position for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this exercise for a total of 3 times daily, either in the morning or in the evening.  

Exercises for the low back:  

1)    McGill sit-up  

For this exercise you will begin by laying on your back on a comfortable surface. Next, place a bend in your leg by moving your foot towards your buttock until there is a 90-degree angle at the knee joint. If you feel pressure in your low back with your leg bent, then lower the leg down and try to position the opposite leg in the same position. If one leg feels like it produces less stress in your low back, then use that leg. Otherwise, you may choose either side. Next, place your hands palms down in the small of your back. Finally, you will lift your torso off the ground about 1 inch while maintaining the same positioning of your head and neck. In other words, you don’t want to crank your head forward like you’re doing a crunch. You should feel the muscles contracting on the front side in the deep abdominal region. Hold this contraction for 1-2 minutes for a total of 3 repetitions once daily, either in the morning or in the evening.  

2)    Birddog  

For this exercise you will begin by positioning yourself on hands and knees on a comfortable surface. Next, you will lift your limbs in alternate patterns. For example, reach out in front of your body with your left arm while you kick back your right leg. Once you have maximal reach with both limbs you will bring them back down to the hands and knees position and alternate sides. So, you will then lift your right arm and left leg. Focus on controlled and quality movements. This is not a race. Also, do not allow your abdomen to collapse towards the floor. There are many advanced variations and progressions of this exercise that you can find on YouTube. Aim for 3 sets of 10 repetitions in each direction once per day.  

3)    Dead bug  

This exercise is very similar to birddog with the exception that you will be laying on your back to start with your arms pointing straight up into the air and your knees lifted and pointing at the ceiling with your legs bent to 90 degrees. This produces a position that is very similar to what a beetle looks like when it dies and rolls onto its back, hence the name of the exercise. This exercise involves cross pattering as well. So, you will reach above your head to touch the floor with your right hand while lowering your leg left to touch the floor. This exercise will engage the core muscles of the abdomen. Then, you will bring your limbs back to the starting position and alternate sides. Aim for 3 sets of 10 repetitions in each direction once per day.  

My patients who have adhered to doing these exercises daily have reported greatly reduced pain as well as improved function and mobility. Additionally, these exercises help my patients attain greater changes in their spinal structure during follow up x-ray examination. We typically see improved lordosis (curvature from the side view) in the neck and the low back. Lordosis has been shown to be an important clinical predictor of outcomes as well as future problems. If your neck curve or your low back curve is reduced, then you need to implement these daily exercises right away! If you don’t know the state of your spinal structure, then consider consulting with a knowledgeable chiropractor in your area.  

About the author:  

Dr. Joshua Burnham sees many patients with chronic pain disorders. He is an Owatonna chiropractor that specializes in the Gonstead Technique.

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Should I Go To Urgent Care Or The Emergency Room? Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

Our health is important to us. Yet it’s difficult to know whether or not you should go to an urgent care or the emergency room when something is wrong. Every day we get up and notice how we feel. Usually, we feel fine, but it can be hard to know what to do when we’re not feeling so well. Do I stay home? Do I go to the doctor?

The question becomes even more important when we are injured or feel very ill; so how do we know where to go when we’re feeling at our worst?

Which Should You Choose?

Often, we think of the emergency room and the first things that come to mind are the wait and the bill. Since the bills are sometimes ten times as high as a regular visit to your doctor and the wait can be hours, when is it worth it? Dr. Danny Spencer, one of our Ridgeline doctors, answers that question:

“There are definitely times when you should go to the emergency department. Basically if you feel like you are having any kind of life threatening condition, if you’re having some chest pain which could be a heart attack, if you’re having stroke symptoms. If you’re having a hard time breathing you definitely should go to the emergency department…[if] you feel like it’s just something where you just need reassurance…then we can see you in the urgent care and we can reassure you and do some tests here.”

In an article from UChicago Medicine, Medical Director Thomas Spiegel, MD, is quoted as saying: “If you have a cough but don’t have a fever, you may just need urgent care, but if you’re having chest pain, shortness of breath, or if your whole body is sick with a fever, chills, and sweats, then you should go to the hospital emergency room.”

In reference to urgent care centers, Dr. Spiegel noted, “Keep in mind that staff at the urgent care will get you to the right level of care if they’re concerned.”

There’s also the question of where you live. If you live in a more rural area which is easier to get to? Maybe you don’t own a vehicle and need to hop on a bus service just to get you to the nearest medical center.

What Does an Urgent Care Do?

At the urgent care they are able to test and diagnose a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses. If they see from your symptoms that you need to go to the Emergency Department, they can make sure you get there. For almost everything else, they are qualified to help.

One of the things Dr. Spencer loves about his job is that he sees a little bit of everything. “[We see] everything from headaches, to chest pain to abdominal pain, to urine infections and colds and sinusitis. We see a lot of the flu.”

An urgent care facility can prescribe antibiotics and other medicines. Depending on the facility you visit they may also provide specialists such as OBGYNs and chiropractors. They are able to do everything that a normal medical office does, but you don’t need an appointment to get in. They are a convenient place to go if you need care immediately for a condition that is not life threatening, but you can’t get in to see your doctor soon enough.

The Long and Short of it

People who are worried about medical bills and finances will often attempt many home remedies before submitting to visiting a medical office. Sometimes, persistent pain or uncomfortability can be treated with a simple pain relief patch or other home remedy. However, there are definitely times when you should not risk your own life. Medical professionals, whether at urgent cares or emergency rooms, are there to help you and make sure that you’re going to be alright.

When you need to treat a life threatening injury or illness, the emergency room is the place for you. If you are in pain or uncomfortable and don’t want to have to wait for an appointment with your regular doctor, try visiting an urgent care! In the end, the urgent care is less expensive than the hospital and can handle a lot. They do minor illnesses, broken bones, sprains, strains, and anything else you’d go to a doctor for. They will also direct you to a specialist or the emergency room if they can’t handle your case themselves.

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Here's How You Can Choose The Website To Buy SARMS If you have an interest in the world of bodybuilding, then I'm sure you've heard of SARMS and peptides - unique substances that are known for boosting your metabolism, increasing muscle gains, enhancing weight loss, and much more.

Of late, the popularity of peptides and SARMS has increased immensely and tons of online stores have cropped up, each of which claims to sell the best and highest-quality products. But we all know that can't be true. In reality, only a few of them sell scientifically developed products that are suitable for consumption.

So, in this article, we're telling how you can choose the best company for SARMS and always ensure that you get the best products, of the highest quality.

1. Testing Certification

When you buy peptides online, checking for testing certification is one of the first things that you need to do. Most SARMS and peptides for sale are lab-created products that make use of certain hormones and proteins, to create a substance that can boost your bodily processes. However, if not created properly, these can have a seriously adverse effect on your body and can harm you immensely. So checking for certification should always be a priority. Reputable companies usually display such information on their site. However, if it's not there, you can ask them for it through email.

2. Sellers License

Other than testing certification, a seller's license is also equally important. To sell SARMS and peptides, stores must have the proper license and authorization. If a site doesn't have the required licensing, then they are not selling authentic products at all. If you buy SARMS online and consume them from sites that don't have seller licenses, you run a much higher risk of falling sick or facing worse side-effects.

3. Customer Reviews

Here's another word of caution. Never purchase from a site without taking a glance at the customer reviews first. Nowadays, since the market has become much more consumer-oriented, every website has a customer reviews section where you can read what buyers have to say. Customer reviews contain a lot of information that you wouldn't have received otherwise, and you can get a true picture of all the pros and cons of a product. If a website doesn't have a customer reviews section, it is recommended to not purchase from there.

4. Prices

Gone are the days when high prices meant quality. As the global market becomes more and more competitive, prices have become a major factor and people like you and me aren't willing to pay exorbitant prices for this anymore. Only buy from stores that have affordable pricing. Nowince SARMS and peptides are lab-created substances that require a ton of testing, you won't find them at dirt-cheap prices (and if you do, don't buy them because they're not authentic.) However, they shouldn't be hyper-expensive either. Do some research beforehand and visit the most popular websites to get an idea about price ranges.

5. Product Guarantee

Like we mentioned above, SARMS and peptides require a lot of testing and research, and they have to be made in a specific way, keeping standards and safety guidelines in mind. If you consume any such substance that hasn't been tested or created accordingly, it can be extremely harmful to your health. Product guarantees ensure that all guidelines have been followed and it acts as a stamp of approval about quality. When purchasing SARMS, only opt for companies that sell products with product warranties and guarantees. For instance, websites like SwissChems offer guarantees where you can get the product tested and if it doesn't pass the guidelines, you'll be refunded.

6. Payment and Processing

Although the product is the main concern, the services that they offer alongside their items to make your buying experience as smooth as possible is also important. Opt for those websites or brands that provide you with a range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, netbanking, Bitcoin, Paypal, and more. Their payment gateways should be secure and safe, and your information should be away from prying hands. On top of that, a smooth order processing system is also crucial. Make sure that the website you purchase from has tracking systems that are regularly updated and their shipping process is fast and hassle-free. This is especially important if it's a website that ships internationally.

7. Customer Service

Last but not least, you should always opt for websites that have efficient and always available customer support. Their support team should be reachable through email, phone, and chat, and they should always be available to cater to your queries or concerns. Since a lot of people don't have enough information on SARMS and peptides, the staff needs to be available 24x7 to address people's questions and guide them towards the right products. In case you have any troubles during payment or while placing your order, you should be able to reach out to the support team immediately.

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The Gut Health Guide: How To Identify Problems & Improve Your Digestion Though the human body is comprised of a series of complex structures, organs and nerves, there is a system that stands above the rest. About 70% of the immune system can be found in the gut, which is a junction of intestines, bacteria and hormones that handle digestive functions. Research shows that the gut is responsible for many mental, emotional and physical functions of the body. For this reason, it’s important to understand how it works and how to keep it healthy.

When the body senses something is out of balance, it will usually transmit a warning. These can come in the form of a rash or ache. However, when the gut is damaged, there may be numerous signs. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s going on under the skin, but there are several ways to identify gut issues and improve digestive habits.

Identifying the Problem

If you’re digestive system is unstable, there are some aspects of normal daily routine that could be the cause. Reflect on your mental, physical or nutritional habits and determine what the gut is trying to say. However, if it’s truly a mystery, seek a physician’s guidance.

Bathroom Trips

What are your bathroom habits? Pay attention to how often you’re visiting the toilet. A normal bowel movement occurs anywhere from three times a week to three per day. No two people have the same genetic or anatomical function, so don’t stress. Many individuals are told that they need to produce a bowel movement once a day, but it generally takes between one and three days for food to fully digest. When the cycle is off, it can lead to constipation, which stems from dehydration, not enough fiber or an underlying medical issue.

Too Much Processed Food

Your gut could process large quantities of food. That’s not to say it can handle large amounts of processed meals. Whether it’s the most popular breakfast cereal, a favorite fast food or snack, common additives found in these types of comestibles include:

  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Food coloring
  • Sodium nitrate
  • Guar gum
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Sweeteners
  • Carrageenan
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Artificial trans fats
  • Xanthan gum
  • Artificial flavoring
  • Yeast extract

Too much of these flavor enhancers can inflame the gut’s lining and gastrointestinal tract.

Certain food additives can inflame the gut's lining and gastrointestinal tract and may lead to changes in the composition of the gut microbiota.

Prebiotics Are Your Friend

If you’ve recently been to the hospital or gotten sick, such as with the stomach flu, perhaps a physician prescribed antibiotics for you. This medication typically eradicates bacteria in order to stop infections from spreading. Although bacterial infections can be killed with antibiotics, unfortunately, they also eliminate good bacteria. Because there are trillions of bacteria in the gut, it’s important to have the beneficial kind as a defense. Prebiotics encourage good bacteria to reproduce and you can find it in onions, garlic, asparagus, bananas and legumes.

Relax and Get Your Sleep

According to some researchers, there may be a connection between poor sleep and the gut’s bacterial environment. A lack of sleep could cause cortisol levels to rise. Cortisol is considered the stress chemical, so without proper rest, whether it be from long work hours or tension at home, you may feel more physical or mental pressure. When you’re relaxed, there’s more time to be mindful of lifestyle habits.

Prioritize Gut Health

If you’re regularly going to the bathroom – remember, laxatives aren’t the answer – and aren’t experiencing any abdominal pain, the gut should be in good shape. However, if the stomach is groaning and grumbling, it may be trying to reveal something. Identify different aspects of your daily routine and lifestyle to determine how they might be affecting your gastrointestinal health. For more information on the gut as well as how to identify problems and improve them at home, see the accompanying resource.

Author bio: Kara Kash, RD, LDN, is a registered dietitian at Factor — a premium weekly meal delivery service that fuses world-class culinary dishes with the latest in nutrition science to produce fully prepared meals that are as delicious as they are nutritious.

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Does Keto Boost Your Immune System? More and more people are adopting ketogenic diets. Does keto boost your immune system? Studies show it may help protect against certain viruses, and some keto foods can bolster immunity.

Fresh N’ Lean is the nation’s largest organic meal delivery service. Our tasty, chef-prepared cuisine is always fresh and never frozen, and we offer five convenient meal plans: Protein+, Keto, Paleo, Standard Vegan and Low-Carb Vegan. Choose Fresh N’ Lean for affordable nutrition, delivered to your doorstep.

Reaching your goals becomes a lot harder if you’re always out sick.

If you want to avoid falling victim to a cold or flu, you’ll have to maintain a healthy immune system. The keto diet is an eating plan that’s low in carbs and high in fat, and it’s been touted for its ability to foster weight loss and lower blood sugar. Does keto boost your immune system? Some studies suggest that it can.

Below, we’ll take a look at a keto diet effect on immune function. We’ll also suggest specific keto foods that work hard to ramp up immunity. Read on to learn how a keto eating plan can help your body fight off viruses and pathogens.

Keto and immunity

Keto meal with chicken and healthy fats

We’re living in the shadow of a global pandemic. ”Wash your hands,” we’re told, and toilet paper shortages are the order of the day.

Studies have shown that the keto diet is good for burning fat and lowering blood sugar, and it may improve the health of those who are at increased risk for conditions such as diabetes. Its benefits don’t end there: Keto may also be helpful in warding off certain viruses.

You may be wondering what impact keto has on the virus that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now: COVID-19. To date, there hasn’t been any conclusive data presented on whether a ketogenic diet can mitigate the effects of this deadly illness.

Fighting the flu

However, the good news is that studies suggest a keto diet reduces the effect of another well-known virus: influenza. Research published in the journal Science Immunology shows that a keto eating plan may produce favorable outcomes for those who want to avoid catching the flu.

In this age of COVID-19, worrying about catching a cold or flu seems almost quaint. However, a common cold can knock you off your feet for days. Being out of commission for that long can slow down your productivity, setting you back as you work to further your career.

According to Science Immunology, mice fed a keto diet were shown to be less likely to contract the influenza A virus. The protective effect of this diet seems to stem from its ability to boost the production of gamma-delta T cells in the animals’ lungs. This encourages increased mucus production in the epithelial cells lining the airway. This mucus ultimately serves to contain the virus.

All this comes with one huge caveat: So far, these studies have been conducted solely on mice infected with influenza, not people. But researchers say these results provide a rationale for investigating whether humans on a keto diet are less likely to get the flu.

Now that we’ve looked at the keto diet’s effect on viruses, let’s examine the role certain keto foods have on the body’s immune response.

Keto immune booster #1: Poultry

In certain cultures, chicken soup is said to be worth its weight in gold when it comes to strengthening the immune system and protecting against colds and flu. Research suggests the healing power of this food isn’t just an old wives’ tale.

Chicken soup contains poultry. Poultry meat has a vitamin that improves immune response. That vitamin is B6.

Both animal and human studies show that B6 deficiency has a negative impact on the body’s immune response. Research also shows that adding B6 to your diet reduces inflammation, and this can bolster the body’s immunity.

Both chicken and turkey are rich sources of B6. Know that commercially raised poultry contains antibiotics that may harm your health. Choose organic poultry to experience maximum benefit from this immune-boosting food.

Organic poultry may be difficult to find in some places. Easily access this meat by subscribing to Fresh N’ Lean’s Keto meal plan. In that plan, you’ll find organic poultry in dishes such as our Roasted Turkey Breast and Cage-Free Chicken Parmesan.

Keto immune booster #2: Cod

Many of us grew up taking cod liver oil. As its name suggests, this is an oil extracted from the liver of the cod fish. For centuries, it’s been used to treat conditions such as joint pain and rickets.

It turns out that its oil isn’t the only valuable part of this fish. The flesh of the cod is also rich in healthy nutrients. Fatty fish such as cod are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. These acids can help the body mount a powerful immune response against invading pathogens. They also support immunity by working hard to reduce inflammation.

Get your weekly serving of cod by subscribing to Fresh N’ Lean’s meal delivery service. You’ll find this nutritious fish in our Keto meals such as Wild Cod with Pesto.

Keto immune booster #3: Almonds

Fats play a key role in the keto diet. Almonds are one of the healthiest fat sources you can find, and these nuts work heroically to bolster the immune system.

Almonds are packed to the brim with vitamin E, an antioxidant that supports immunity. Vitamin E is fat-soluble, which means it requires the presence of a fat for effective digestion. In addition to vitamin E, almonds contain lots of beneficial fats. This combination works to help your body make the most of vitamin E’s immune-boosting powers.

Increase your almond intake by signing up for our Keto meal plan. You’ll find this nutrient-dense nut in dishes such as our Almond-Crusted Sustainable Cod.

Next steps

The keto foods listed above may support your body’s immune response. Add them to your diet to garner extra protection from colds and flu.

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How to Help a Loved One Withdraw from an Addiction

Addictions of all kinds can be incredibly difficult to overcome. When a loved one is suffering from an addiction, it can greatly affect you as well. Naturally, you don't like to watch them suffer and you're searching for ways to help.

The truth is that loved ones are usually best equipped to help because they're loving and trustworthy.

Here is a list of tips to keep in mind when helping someone with addictions:

1. Help Them Make Wise Choices. Sometimes it's not so easy to make a wise choice for yourself. A pair of eyes on the outside may be just what your loved one needs. Suggest alternatives to their addictive behaviors. Make sure not to belittle or judge them but, instead, listen to what they have to say.

2. Offer Love and Support. Your loved one needs to know that they'll have love and support even in vulnerable times. Make sure you're there for them no matter what. It can be the difference between getting over the addiction, and suffering from it forever.

3. Help Them Through Cravings. Your loved one will endure many cravings, especially when they first withdraw from their addictive behavior. You have to be there in order to keep them from the addictive behavior at all costs and help them stay away from addictive materials such as cannabis products. Make suggestions for alternative things that they can engage in, instead of the addiction.

4. Get Medical Help. You need to be wise enough to realize that sometimes a medical professional is required to intervene. If these situations arise, have the necessary phone numbers handy in order to get help as quickly as possible.

5. Form an Intervention. Interventions are great ways of showing your loved one that many people care about him or her and their health. They work because the sufferer realizes that their actions are affecting and being noticed by many people around them. They're then able to stop the denial about the whole situation.

6. Attend a Meeting. It's likely that there are local meetings about the particular addiction that your loved one is suffering from. These meetings are not just for the sufferer, but also for anyone affected by the addiction. You can attend these meeting as well in order to offer support and gain a better understanding about this affliction.

7. Understand Withdrawal. It will help you to further educate yourself on what happens when a person hits withdrawal. If they're suffering from a drug addiction, there may be many unsettling physical symptoms that occur as well as psychological ones. You can expect headaches and vomiting just to name a few.

8. Avoid Boredom and Stress. After withdrawal symptoms have settled down, relapses can occur if the sufferer is bored or stressed. While you may not be able to always physically be there for your loved one, you can equip them with ideas on how to combat boredom or severe stress. Give them a list of specific things they can turn to if they feel their addictions calling.

Remember that it's also important to make time for you. Most people don't realize the large impact that addictions have on the loved ones of the person suffering. It's difficult to watch on the sidelines. Just keep in mind that, with your love and support, they'll be far more likely to overcome addiction and return to normal.

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How Massaging Your Body Helps With Stress

Gone are the days when massage was only done in spas for luxury purposes. Nowadays, it is done in clinics, hospitals, and therapeutic centers for health purposes. Many conditions are solved by massage therapy, including stress.

Keep reading to learn how massaging your body helps with stress. 

The Relaxing Environment

Most people don't realize the significance of a serene environment during a massage session. The relaxing environment in a massage room plays a vital role in reducing stress. The room is usually calm to make you feel relaxed. Also, you can have your massage outdoors next to a swimming pool.

The massage room is often decluttered, giving you a sense of organization. This will make your brain think of organizing itself healthily. Also, for outdoor massage therapy, the swimming pool gives you a calm feeling, which makes you let go of any stress.

Therefore, one of the main ways to reduce stress is choosing a suitable massage environment. Low lighting paired with slow music enables you to surrender any stress disturbing you. Your masseuse will ensure that you can easily spot everything in the room for that calm feeling.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to calm you down. When you are receiving your massage, put your favorite essential oil in a diffuser, and let it fill the room. Essential oils are known for helping the mind relax.

This will significantly help you get to a calm state whenever you are being massaged. Clinics that have massage therapy sessions attest that aromatherapy plays a major role in helping the clients relax.

The most effective oils to use are lavender and sweet orange. Blending these two oils in an oil diffuser will feel the room with a calming aura. Inhaling these oils is effective in making you feel more relaxed than taking a tranquilizer.

Rebalancing Your Hormones

When stressed, you release stress hormones. This is the reason why stress is poisonous to your body. When stress hormone levels are high, your body reacts by giving you paranoia, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Massages have been confirmed to reduce stress hormones level by 30%. Cortisol is one of the primary hormones linked to stress. Research shows that people who go through massage have low levels of cortisol in their saliva as compared to people who don't get massages.

When you are being rubbed and pampered, your body releases serotonin and dopamine. These are hormones that are related to being happy and relaxed. Therefore, when these relaxing hormones are at high levels, your brain silences the stress to a point where you are completely stress-free.

Anti-depressants usually work by raising the levels of serotonin and dopamine by up to 28%. This shows that these hormones help the body stay free from stress. Thus, if you can get this solution from a massage, you don't need to take anti-depressants.

Releasing Muscle Tension

When you are stressed, your muscles always tighten. Massaging your body helps the muscle relax, and in turn, causes stress levels to reduce. When you are constantly stressed, your muscles will be super tight. This is the reason as to why people who are stressed always experience pain in their muscles, joints, neck, and they have headaches.

Fortunately, massages help relieve all of these pains. The deep massage technique is used in this scenario. After a massage session, your muscles will be completely relaxed, and you will not feel body pains. 

This shows that massage has anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, instead of visiting hundreds of pharmacies to get medications for your pains, try massage.

Increase Your Sleep Quality

Stress affects the way you sleep. This means that you may be sleeping in late or waking up between naps. When you are stressed, it is hard to have a good quality of sleep, and this will lead to other complicated issues such as insomnia.

Massages are known for increasing your sleep quality. As obvious as it sounds, sleeping for eight hours will significantly reduce stress. This is because your body will get enough time to rejuvenate, and your brain will relax. Consequently, you will wake up the next day happy and ready to tackle any challenge.

Waking up at 3:00 AM to stare at the walls will lead to a stressful day. It is crucial to consider getting a massage when you have sleep problems because there is a high chance that they are caused by stress.

Improve Your Eating Habits

When you are stressed, over or under eating is one of the main habits developed because stress suppresses the digestive system. Deep massaging helps restore the normal functioning of the digestive system,

The best massage oils can penetrate the skin muscles and work on stretching deeper tissues in the digestive system. This means that you will eat normally, and your levels of stress will be reduced. If you have an eating disorder that is caused by stress, consider getting a massage.

Improve Immune System Activity

Stress messes up with the immune system of humans. This explains why you always have flu, colds, and different diseases when you are stressed. Massage helps restore the functioning of your immune system. As a result, when you are feeling better, you will be less stressed.

Stress affects various parts of the body. It is vital to get massage a few times a month to ensure that your body is functioning right to reduce the chances of allowing stress to get the best of you.

Relieve Pain for Athletes

Nothing is as stressful for an athlete as getting an injury. This means that they will not take part in the subsequent games until they have fully recovered. However, sport massage sessions have helped reduce stress in athletes.

Athletes who go through massage sessions normally get back to the field earlier than those who only take medications. This means they are not stressed about having injuries that interfere with their career. This massage technique can be done on the full body or on the injured part only.

These are practical ways in which massage helps reduce stress. Try them today and say goodbye to stress.

Resources: Massage Envy, Massage Heights

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Winter Sports Injury Prevention Many athletes spend all year waiting for winter to arrive, as this signifies the start of their athletic season. This may seem different for some athletes who are more used to athletics in the warm weather. But, whether their sport takes place indoors or outdoors, excitement levels are at an all-time high when it’s time to compete for winter sports. This excitement can be put on hold, however, if an injury is sustained as a result of your participation. To help you stay healthy this winter, our team at Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation would like to share some advice on how you can keep yourself physically fit, active, and potentially injury-free.


As an athlete, it’s easy to believe that training specifically for your sport is the best way to succeed and avoid injury. However, the team here at Massapequa Pain Management and Rehabilitation is here to tell you otherwise. Cross-training is a great way to stay in game-shape and avoid missing time on the field due to injury. Benefits of cross-training include:

  • Workout repetition is reduced.
  • Certain muscles get to relax while others stay engaged.
  • Your entire body gets a full workout.
  • Improves skill, agility, and balance.
  • Wear Proper Equipment

Many people tend to head to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding during this time of year. Before you hit the slopes, make sure that all your equipment is on and functioning correctly. Both your helmet and boots should fit correctly and be strapped on tightly. Also, be sure to layer up your clothing to ensure that you remain as dry and warm as possible. Finally, take a few minutes to inspect your equipment for any potential issues to help ensure a smooth, safe trip down the mountain.

Learn To Fall Correctly

If skiing or snowboarding is your winter sport of choice, you’ll know that falling during your descent can lead to injury. We often recommend snowing/skiing in safe conditions, such as when there is a large amount of powder. This will help cushion any falls that you may potentially sustain while on the slopes. While there is no real method to escape injury when falling on harder surfaces such as ice, doing the below during a fall can help prevent them:

  • Try to relax.
  • Don’t dig your edges into the snow.
  • Aim your feet downhill.
  • Don’t put your arms out to break a fall.
  • Stay Hydrated

No matter the season or the sport, staying hydrated is always necessary when trying to avoid injury. However, the cold weather of winter can make this somewhat difficult as you may not feel as thirsty as you would in the warmer months. Nevertheless, the fluids lost during physical activity always need to be replenished to help prevent muscle cramps or spasms. Dehydration can also lead to spells of dizziness or fainting, which are extremely dangerous to face when engaged in physical activity.

Chiropractic Care

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, winter sports injuries can sometimes be unavoidable. Luckily, the team at Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation is prepared to offer you high quality, effective chiropractic care if you fall victim to a sports injury this winter. Our chiropractic staff will work to help to restore joint function while reducing any joint inflammation and pain associated with your injury.

Contact Us

Suffering an injury is the easiest way to derail a promising winter sports season. If a sports injury strikes you this winter, our talented staff is prepared to work tirelessly to treat your injury and get you back in the game as soon as possible! Be sure to contact the Massapequa Pain Management & Rehabilitation team to get the care you need today!

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CBD: Effects and Legality in the UK CBD products, from oil tincture droppers, to CBD infused teas and edibles have been appearing more and more on the market in recent months. In both high street shops and online brands like Dayzed CBD is more widely available than ever, and it’s leaving some people confused. Isn’t it illegal? And what does it for you – especially if, as reported, it doesn’t produce a high? What’s it for?

Today we’re looking at this proliferation of CBD options and helping to answer some of those questions.

What is CBD?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis or hemp plants. It’s similar to compounds created in your body called endocannabinoids, which are a kind of neurotransmitter – these neurotransmitters and the receptors they bind to are known as your endocannabinoid system. It’s by affecting these receptors that CBD can have the effects it’s claimed to.

One thing to take note of is that CBD is only one of the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, and crucially, it’s not the one that produces the high. The psychoactive compound is known as THC – and for products to be sold legally in the UK they need to contain no more than trace amounts of THC, meaning they can’t cause a high.

What’s Legal?

Products for consumption like oil, tea bags and gummy sweets are all legal to be sold online or on the high street in the UK. Cafes and restaurants can also sell CBD infused food and drink subject to certain requirements (mainly that they are clearly signed and that they obtain the right license).

It’s not legally to sell buds, flowers or seeds of cannabis plants on the high street, even if they are of strains that contain only the legal, low amount of THC. Growing the plants requires more specialist licenses and selling the supplies needed is also controlled.

What Does it Do?

It’s important to note that clinical testing of CBD for its effect on various issues in the human body is in the early stages. For a long time, it was tainted by its associated with THC, and given that it was illegal, testing was pointless. Now it’s more of an option for doctors and consumers, more testing is being done, but for now we have to talk about preliminary studies and anecdotal evidence.

Many people have reported that CBD can help them manage depression, anxiety and low mood – it’s effect on your endocannabinoid system is comparable to the effect anti-depressant drugs on your brain but without a number of the unpleasant side effects. Notably, CBD is not addictive.

It’s also reported to be useful for managing pain, especially chronic pain that can arise as a result of certain cancers. The broad range of options for taking it, from oils and tablets, to teabags and edibles, make it easy to adapt a dose of CBD to particular needs, and make it part of your lifestyle.

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5 Reasons You Should Always Workout in the Morning

After years of ignoring it, you have suddenly decided to start exercising. You are so determined to lose that weight or live that healthy lifestyle. You have also invested heavily in it. You have bought one of those pricey Peloton machines or subscribed to Soul cycle and other common gyms. You are so committed. However, you don’t know what is the right time to do the actual practice. This is one of the most challenging questions you can answer. In this article, we will look at the reasons why morning is the best time for you to hit the gym.

You Will Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things that you can do. People who sleep more are more likely to live longer and be productive at work. A recent report by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), said that people who exercise in the morning hours tend to sleep longer. They also experience deeper sleep cycles. In addition, the report found that people who sweat a lot at night have problems catching shuteye. Forget the official reports for a minute and think about how good you feel when you wake up early and hit the gym.

It helps with blood pressure

More than 75 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure. This is also known as hypertension. The pressure is caused by a number of factors such as age, race, family history, pregnancy, and lifestyle. The best way to deal with this type of pressure is to visit an experienced doctor. Still, research shows that exercising in the morning is an ideal method to lower your blood pressure. In a study published in the Journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management, the researchers found that patients who exercised at 7 a.m. reduced their blood pressure by about 10%. This decline continued throughout the day. This was opposite of those who exercised at about midday and at the evening.

You Will Energize Your Day

Starting the day in a positive way can help you be more productive. It can also give you more energy to tackle all the challenges that might come up. Experts attribute this to the endorphins, which are the natural painkillers that the body produces. If you get this endorphin early in the morning, you will likely start the day feeling more optimistic and less susceptible to anxiety. I have gone through this myself. Whenever I workout in the morning, I tend to be more productive at work throughout the day.

You Will Lose Weight

If you are exercising to lose weight, studies have shown that people who exercise in the morning hours lose more weight than those that do it in the evening. This was published in a study by the International Journal of Obesity. Part of the reason for this is that people who exercise early in the day tend to me more active throughout the day. This level of activity helps them shed a few pounds.

You Will Have More Time with Family and Friends

When you exercise early in the morning, you are doing it when the rest of your family members and friends are asleep. Therefore, exercising at this time means that you have more time in the evening to bond with them. You can schedule after-work meetings, and even enjoy the evening period with your family members.


Having good exercise is a very important thing whether you are trying to lose weight or not. While exercising or conducting workouts in the morning has its advantages, it should also fit your schedule and preferences. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, you should focus on doing the exercises at the evening. Also, you should consult with a trained weight loss consultant and personal trainer London to come up with a good schedule.

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4 tips to improve your confidence A lack of confidence is a terrible thing and can mean the difference between living life to not experiencing it at all.  When you feel confident nothing can stop you but when you have a lack of confidence you can't even look a person in the eye.  A lack of confidence can ruin your life, it can make you feel like a failure and can take the joy out of life.

At some point in our lives, many of us will have had a lack of confidence, but thankfully you can work on it.  In this article, I will give you 4 tips that have helped me overcome my lack of confidence.

1) Don't be afraid to say yes.

When you say yes, wonderful things can happen in your life. Whether it's going on a date, taking on more responsibility at work, going out with colleagues, joining a team or whatever life could throw at you.  Say yes!

Even saying yes to little things in life gets the ball rolling for you.  Small accomplishments every day soon snowball and you begin to grow as a person and as that happens so does your confidence.  

Getting out of your comfort zone is difficult I get it, I was there too.  In my work life, I was terrified of getting on the phone and selling to people, but I knew that if I didn't do it, I wouldn't be able to pay my bills and provide for my family.  A few years after getting on the phone for the first time, I now make more money than most people I know, just because I said yes.

2) Improve your appearance.

By improving your physical appearance you are going to improve your confidence, there's no doubt about that.  If you are looking to improve your appearance but don't know where to start, here are some suggestions:

  • Whitening your teeth or fixing your teeth.
  • Losing weight.
  • Improving your skin, either exfoliating or by getting botox to hide wrinkles.
  • Gaining muscle.
  • Have a haircut or grow your hair.
  • Buy new clothes.
  • Change your style, become more fashionable.
  • Eat healthier.

Even if you carry out a few of the suggestions above you will look and feel a million times better than before.  When I was younger I had bad teeth, so I invested in braces to straighten them. When I had my braces off I felt like a new person.  I couldn't believe how much a physical change affected my mental state.

3) Be you.

Nothing brings confidence like just being yourself.  Trying to please others and caring what they think of you is a loser's game.  When you stop caring about what others think of you, you become a new person. 

You can't control what others think of you, so don't worry about others opinions about you.  Being yourself is the best thing you can do as you tend to attract others who like you for who you are.

Honest and genuine people who come into your life who will like you for being you are worth a million times what someone who only likes you for being a "fake version" of yourself, so just be you and reap the rewards of that.

4) Make mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes, so don't worry about it.  Making mistakes is part of life. You don't learn from your victories, you only learn from your mistakes, so making them is even more important than "winning".  In my opinion, you won't win at anything in life if you haven't lost.

No one is perfect and when you realise that you will learn to embrace it. 

Knowing that everyone has flaws is good for your mental state because you will stop chasing perfection and will focus on being the best you can be.


If you take the above 4 tips and run with them you will improve your confidence very quickly.  Don't expect things to happen overnight but if you work on these tips little by little you will build your character and in the space of a year you will be a new person entirely. 

Confidence comes from experience and whatever it is you do in life if you work at it every day you will improve.

If you have any tips on how to boost your confidence, leave them in the comment section below.

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Financial Incentives In Health Care Looks At The Demand And Supply Side Financing of any kind on any field needs both the demand and supply side to be considered to make it useful for the borrowers and high yielding for the lenders. This principle is applicable to the health financing systems as well. It is only then that the health services will be motivated to seek more such financing when they need.

On the other hand, there will be more providers of these types of funds ready to come up with more tailored loan products and financial solutions to meet the large number of diverse needs. As far as the health services are concerned, they will be able to provide quality health services to the people.

With different types of health financing interventions available, these are typically categorized into two broad categories, the demand and the supply side. This categorization is done based on the differences in who is the actual receipt of such financial incentives.

  • The demand side of such financing interventions provide vouchers or financial incentives to the users directly and
  • The supply side of it provides the same to the provider as in pay-for-performance.

These are the incentives or payments that motivate the health care practice in specific behavior that may not have been possible to bring in without providing any financial benefit. Such programs typically combine both the demand side as well as the supply side which helps in improving the overall approaches to provide better service access and health quality.

That means, in short the health financing companies, whether it is a line of credit, a traditional bank or other alternative lending sources such as Liberty Lending, must now look for different and more productive approaches so that it will improve both the supply of as well as the demand for better health services.

Overview of health systems strengthening

In order to strengthen the health systems there is an immediate need for private-public partnership. This will help the health care system to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of heal care services. This can only be achieved when the demand side and supply side of the financing interventions is a-bridged!

This is because there is a lot of importance and connotation of health financing family planning, especially for the countries that want to have more sustainable family planning programs. This is because:

  • These countries need to ascertain that there are sufficient funds to mobilize in this specific aspect and
  • It is also required to make sure that these funds are pooled in properly so that it allows cross subsidization.

This will ensure that the family planning services are provided as well as purchased in a more efficient way. It will also motivate the health care providers to offer a more diverse range of value added and high quality health care and family planning processes.

Health financing reforms

The financing options finally could benefit the health care sector and help them to undertake broader and more varied health financing restructurings toward UHC.

  • This will particularly help donor funding to prevent the declining health care infrastructure and quality in the major countries in the world that are looking for more effective ways to improve and mobilize their domestic resources.
  • This will also help them to enhance the accessibility and improve the quality of health services for the population, especially to the poor segment of it.
  • In addition to all these, it will also provide them with adequate and more sustainable financial protection from the out of pocket health expenses both for the health care provider and more importantly by the receivers of such health care services.

In short, these reforms will offer them a greater opportunity to mobilize their available as well as additional resources for family health care and planning so as to improve their efficacy by a significant margin. Most importantly, it will have a serious and positive effect on family health care spending.

Merchant cash advances

Such financial reforms will speed up the process of bridging the financial gaps, especially with the help of the merchant cash advances.

  • It is noticed that there has been a significant rise in the number of hospitalization in private facilities over the past two decades both in the rural as well as in the urban areas.
  • It is also noticed that there has been a remarkable rise in the preference for the private setups to avail health care services.

Therefore, there is no way or reason that these private set-ups must be left in a sticky situation where they will have to struggle for getting sufficient funds for their sustenance and smooth operation.

In such situations, these private setups find that acquiring cash advances is the more viable and accessible alternative than procuring a bank loan. Though these cash advances are unsecured loans, these help them significantly to keep their business afloat.

Role of the alternative lenders

The role of the alternative lenders in this matter is not ignorable. They provide these cash advances to all irrespective of the size of the business. Their offers come with all possible types of credit values providing the health care service with a lot of diverse benefits. The primary benefits of these merchant cash advances are aimed for specific people such as:

  • Those optometrists who want to buy any new equipment
  • The general practitioners who want to expand their existing clinic or hospital
  • The chiropractors or orthopedics who want to start their individual clinic for therapy
  • The dentists want to build their own facility and even
  • For people who want 2nd, 3rd, or 4th position loans.

These merchant cash advances help the health care providers to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of both finance as well as the health care services of the people. This makes the entire process easy not only to avail the loans due its short processing and disbursal time but also to provide better health care services faster. There is no pressure or worry regarding the repayment as it will be collected as a percentage of the future receivables.

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CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil: Which is a Better for You?

With the legalization of hemp in the United States, hemp oil and CBD (cannabidiol) are hot topics. While both are derived from the same plant, they come from different parts of the plant. CBD oil comes from the entire plant. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds. Hemp oil is also commonly referred to as hemp seed oil.

Both Offer Many Health Benefits

Keep in mind that hemp is legal on the federal level. The states were left to decide for themselves how to proceed. However, if you’re ordering hemp or CBD products, you’re not going to have any problems, as those products are legal. If you want to grow hemp in your garden, check your local laws.

If you’re wondering about the differences between hemp and marijuana, they’re two different varieties of the same plant, cannabis sativa. Hemp was cultivated for its strong fibers that are used in making rope. Marijuana was cultivated for recreational uses.

Hemp oil is similar to other cooking-type oils and is used in cooking and skincare products. CBD oil is used in the alternative/holistic medicine arena.

Hemp and CBD oil can provide powerful benefits:

  1. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD oil reduces inflammation throughout the body. Some scientists believe that all diseases are ultimately caused by inflammation. The anti-inflammatory action of CBD oil is being studied in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s.
  2. CBD oil can be used to reduce pain. No one is certain why CBD oil reduces pain, but it is speculated that it may be due to the anti-inflammatory benefits.
  3. CBD oil can help to reduce anxiety. CBD oil has been found to be helpful in treating anxiety. It is believed that CBD oil does this by affecting the sensitivity of serotonin receptors in the brain.
  4. CBD oil has been shown to be effective in treating acne. Ingesting CBD oil has been shown to be helpful in treating acne. Acne is believed to be at least partially caused by inflammation which stimulates the overproduction of oil in the sebaceous glands, so reducing that inflammation may be what helps. CBD oil can also be useful in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis
  5. Hemp oil is high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp oil is very healthy and has many of the same properties as fish oil.
  6. Hemp oil is a great moisturizer for the skin. Hemp oil can be applied directly to the skin. It is also being used in many commonly available skincare products.
  7. Neither will get you “high.” While both products come from the same species of plant as marijuana, hemp products come from a variety of the plant that has minimal levels of THC, the chemical in marijuana that makes you feel “high”.

If you’re feeling really brave, consider trying hemp protein. It’s not the best tasting option, but it’s a healthy, complete protein and high in fiber.

CBD oil generally well-tolerated. The most common side effects include diarrhea, dry mouth, reduced appetite, and fatigue. CBD oil should be treated as any other over the counter item. Be responsible and cease using it if the side effects are too unpleasant. Stay in touch with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Hemp oil doesn’t have any side effects not found in other common food oils.

There is still a stigma attached to hemp products made by companies in this field. but that is beginning to change with the legalization of hemp in the United States. Canada has always permitted the growing and processing of hemp.

Consider giving CBD oil and hemp oil a try. There are many potential benefits with minimal risk.

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How to Overcome Addictions Safely and Effectively

Addictions affect nearly every part of your life. Unfortunately, addictions also become progressively worse the longer you have them.

Some of the most common addictions include addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, smoking, shopping, and gambling. No matter what addiction you’re dealing with, you’re trapped, and that addiction will continue to control your life until you learn how to overcome it. In come cased addiction can lead to many bad things such as legal problems and money problems.

Even though there are many different kinds of addictions, they’re all similar in one respect: they control you instead of the other way around. When you’re addicted to something, you may actually feel like a slave to the addiction, but you are the one who should be in control of your life!

If you’re suffering from an addiction, it’s good to know that there are techniques that can enable you to safely and effectively overcome it.

Here are several key tips that can help you effectively overcome an addiction:

  1. Commit yourself to change. First of all, if you’re tired of living the erratic life of an addict, make a commitment to yourself to change your life. Yes, it’s a difficult road, but you are worth the effort! You deserve to have a better life.
  • Look at all the benefits of beating the addiction to see clearly how much better your life will be without it. Write these benefits down on paper.
  • Choose the better life! Commit to making this positive change. Make a solemn contract with yourself to do everything in your power to overcome your addiction.
  • Designate your life as your top priority.
  1. Request the support of family and friends. One of the most important things you can do to succeed in your goal is to get support. If you try to do this all on your own, you’re more likely to fail. You need all the support your friends and family can offer.
  • They can keep you accountable for your actions.
  • They can guide you to any help you need.
  • They can provide emotional support to bolster your resolve.

If you find that your family and friends aren’t giving you the support you need, either distance yourself from the negative attitudes, or explain what you need from them in order for you to succeed.

  1. Consider joining a good support group. Joining a local support group can be helpful as well, especially if your friends and family don’t fully understand the challenges you’re facing.

It’s enlightening to talk with others going through the same experience as you. It helps to give you a better perspective on what’s happening in your life and shows you that if others can do it, you can do it too.

  • Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your story, struggles, or fears to the group. Most support groups require their members to maintain privacy so the participants will feel comfortable sharing.
  1. Look for professional help. Seeking professional help is an excellent choice, and for some serious addictions, it may be the only way to recover.
  • Medications are available that can help with certain addictions, but in order to use them, you’ll need to have a doctor prescribe them and oversee your treatment as you progress.
  • Even if you’re not using medications, having a professional guide you through a treatment and therapy plan can ensure your success.
  • Many insurance companies will now pay for addiction treatment. In addition, some doctors and clinics offer their rates on a sliding scale so your payments are based on your income. Don’t let a lack of funds prevent you from getting the treatment you need!
  1. Don’t quit when you make a mistake. You may stumble from time to time, but this doesn’t mean you should throw up your hands and quit. Remember it’s a step in the process, and if you fall, you need to get up and keep on going.

It is possible for you to overcome your addictions safely and effectively! Using these techniques can help you conquer your demon once and for all and bring you a better, happier life.

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Tackling the rising costs of medical bills and expenses One of the most challenging realities of today's world is the rising prices of health care and medical facilities. Costs for getting the right kind of medical treatment for different ailments have been rising in the last ten years. Today it has reached astronomical proportions. Government policies are also unable to stop this rise, and various types of policymakers have tried in vain to curb this inflation in medical costs. One of the results of this is that there is no universal policy on free health care or medical care. It is, for this reason, a lot of people are forced to take debts and loans to cover their medical expenses. In this article, you will learn about how you can cope with medical debt.

As a result of the rising health care costs, a lot of people have been unable to get the medical treatments which they require. People are forced to keep aside a part of their earnings solely for medical care expenses. Those people who are unable to make a saving because they do not have adequate income in the first place are the ones to suffer really and are in dire straits. Although the law makes it clear that no hospitals or medical institutions can refuse to provide medical care when a patient is in immediate need of it, but the patients will have to find ways to repay the medical bills once the treatments are over.

If they are unable to pay for some reason then there can be severe repercussions on their financial lives, like their credit scores and ratings can get depleted, they will not be able to seek financial assistance in the form of loans and so on. Thus, it has indeed become a burden on common people to deal with health care costs.

It needs to be understood that the increase in the costs of medical facilities and health care has happened because of several different reasons. Some of these reasons are mentioned below:

Firstly: You will see a rise in the amount of health care service provided across the world these days. Because of this, the system of health care underwent a drastic change. The main reason for this is the fact that people are living for longer durations these days, and hence they get affected by several different chronic diseases than before. 

Secondly: We have seen plenty of changes and improvement in medical care and medical technology in the last few decades. The prescription drugs and medical technology have advanced tremendously, and as a result of this, a lot of diseases can be cured more easily. But this has also resulted in increasing the cost of medical care and expenses. Analysts feel that because of the technological advancement and innovation, which is involved, the price will go up in the future too. Consumers have also put a lot of demand in these products, which also contributed to increasing costs.

Third: One of the most crucial factors which can affect the price of healthcare is the age of people. Older people are required to pay higher amounts in the form of premiums for their health care covers than relatively younger people. The medical care facilities will thereby require charging older people more than they would charge younger people. This will then increase the costs of medical care by at least twenty percent in older people.

Health insurance cannot always over your expenses entirely

You will be able to find several examples of people who have come into a lot of financial difficulties in recent years as they cannot repay their medical bills on time. These are people who reveal that despite having health care plans, the costs have increased so much that they cannot provide complete medical coverage. As a result of this, people will still have to repay their debts. The medical bills have become so astoundingly high that people still need to find ways for being able to afford the costs. It will mean that there should be a large number of questions which will be needed to get answered to ensure that health care becomes affordable for everyone and that the medical costs can be lowered. People will need to go and get more regular checkups at the doctor to ensure that they do not contract any serious diseases.

Some of the recent studies that have been conducted by several of the leading universities showed that there hundreds and thousands of people who are filing for bankruptcy as they cannot repay their bills from medical expenses. Such studies show that almost all of these people that have filed bankruptcy are people with health insurance. Hence, from this, we learn that just having health insurance is not enough to help in covering your medical debts. So it is important to have some alternative methods of repaying your medical bills also besides having health insurance. One of the best ways to do this is by going for a debt relief program. Debt relief programs will help you to ensure that you can repay all your medial loans and debts and not file for bankruptcy.

It is essential that you should be trying to learn about how debt relief and debt consolidation plans work first before signing up to them, you will be able to find detailed information on these matters at nationaldebtreliefprograms.com.


The ever-increasing costs of health and medical care have meant that people are now required to find out various ways by which they can manage their payments when they incur medical expenses. One of the most effective ways to repay your medical debt is by taking a debt management program. Debt management or settle programs can help you in consolidating your bills in a single loan which you may be able to repay easily. Thus it can get easier for you to deal with your debts in an efficient way. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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Exploring Different Options For Dealing With Debts And Health When it comes to sifting between different options available for managing your debt and finance, it is important to make sure that you choose the best option that best suits the circumstances and your affordability. It is unwise to choose an option and then give it up in the middle of the process. This will further jeopardize your debt as well as your financial health.

In turn, it will affect your health, both physically and mentally as it is established that debt affects the health of the debtors. It is natural that you may find choosing a suitable option for your overwhelming because:

  • There are several debt relief option available and
  • You do not know how each might turn up in the end.

In order to make the right choice, you will need to ask yourself several relevant questions to determine the condition of your debts as well as your assets, income and cash outflows and all other aspects. In short, all these will help you to:

  • Figure out the amount of money available in your hands
  • The amount that you owe to your creditors
  • The amount that you can pay to them every month and most importantly
  • The options are available to you to manage your debt most effectively and successfully.

Such knowledge will help you to create a reasonable and pursuable monthly budget and craft a proper debt management plan that will be easy for you to stick to.

The options available

Not having tried it out ever, you may not know about the options available to manage your debt just as the way you should be. In fact, there are lots of debt management options available. When you visit sites like NationaldebtRelief.com and others to look for options for dealing with your debts you will find that it ranges from informal debt management routes to most formal and commonly taken routes.

  • As for the informal debt management route you can get in touch with your creditors to explain your debt and health situations and negotiate for a reduced and favorable payment term.
  • On the other hand, you can take the formal route of consolidating your debt or even the insolvency option of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy apart from several other options available in between these two.

If you talk to the debt advisers they will use different online tools to explain you about the pros and cons of each of the available options. They will also refer to a fact sheet that will give you an in-depth overview of all of these debt relief options or any one particular debt option that they and you feel would be suitable for your current condition.

Writing off debt

Assuming that you are experiencing severe health issues, especially mental health issue due to your unmanageable health, you can then choose the debt write off option which is permitted according to the law. However, there are a few things that you should know before you jump on to a final conclusion. These are:

  • This actually is the last resort that people fall back on especially when they find that their situations are highly unlikely to become better with time.
  • This is also an option for those people who do not have any money to pay their debts or any assets that they can refinance or use in other ways to earn the desired money to clear off their debts.

The creditors are however not obligated to agree to this intention of yours but if you follow the right process using the proper write off the debt sample letter and ask them to consider your case with aggressive persuasion, you might be lucky. In addition to that, you must also refer to the Good Practice Awareness Guidelines while asking your creditors to write your debts off if you suffer from severe mental health conditions.

Though these are the simple guidelines issued by the Money Advice Liaison Group, MALG it will suggest your creditors that they may consider writing off your unsecured debts if your mental health conditions are severe, long term and there is no ore very little chance of repaying the debts. Professional debt advisors can help you in this regard as well.

Credit and spending

There are a few specific mental health conditions that may make situations worse and difficult for the sufferer to manage their debt and money. It is seen that such patients tend to take on more debts than they can really afford to repay. They even use their credit on purchasing things that they do not need really.

These acts eventually make their debt situation worse and more stressful increasing it to an unmanageable level. They eventually find it difficult to keep up with the payment terms as agreed with their creditors.

In such situations it is very helpful if you add a ‘notice of correction’ to the credit reference file.

  • This is a 200 words statement that will explain your financial as well as mental condition to your creditors.
  • When you add this notice of correction it will signify that you application will be considered after proper human scrutiny and not just based on a computer score.
  • You will have to use standard wordings and phrases to write this notice for correction and for that you can ask for help from the credit reference agencies.
  • When there is a notice of correction attached with your application it will usually take a longer time to assess your file. This will give you longer time to reconsider this option so that you do not make any unnecessary applications for credit, if you are likely to do so.
  • Ideally, a notice for correction acts as a short-term measure and you can remove it any time if you wish to.

However, given the fact that only those organizations that check your credit reference file actively will look at the notice, you are advised to review whether or not you require such a notice of correction on a regular basis.

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