Here Are Some Natural Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis That You Can Do in Your Home

What is bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis happens to be an infection that affects the vagina and is caused as a result of overgrowth of the bacteria. The vagina itself has a natural environment that contains both bad and good kinds of bacteria. If someone has bacterial vaginosis, it means that they have more than needed of the bad bacteria. This can throw the environment of the vagina out of the balance that is otherwise maintained.

Bacterial vaginosis happens to be a very common condition which may affect a lot of women, irrespective of if they have had or did not have sex. There are some home remedies that can be used for the treatment and prevention of the condition. Some of the remedies can lead to better results than the others. These treatments may not be as effective when compared to the prescription medications. However, most of these come with the advantage of having no side effects that prescription medications usually cause.

Using Yogurt

Yogurt happens to be a natural form of probiotics. This leads to the fact that it has a lot of healthy good bacteria. As per some studies, eating of yogurt may drastically help in the introduction of healthy bacteria within the human body. This will help in establishing a balance in the environment of the vagina and this can be very helpful in fighting off the bacteria that are bad, In order to achieve the maximum benefits, you should be eating at least a single helping of yogurt on a daily basis.

Using garlic

Garlic happens to have very strong properties that are associated with antibacterial elements. It has been used as one of the home remedies for a long time and helps fight bacterial vaginosis. One of the studies found out that having a single tablet containing garlic supplement can be a very effective medium in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis.

Using hydrogen peroxide

One of the studies done in 2003 found that using just one ounce serving of liquid hydrogen peroxide for just one week will result in the irrigation of the vagina. This will go a long way in the treatment of the condition of bacterial vaginosis, and will have the same results as using traditional medicines. This comes at much lower rates than the other forms of medications and also has very few side effects.

Using breathable underwear made of cotton

Some forms of the underwear, including the likes of spandex are not as breathable when compared with underwear made out of cotton. When you wear underwear that is made of such materials, it helps in trapping of moisture. This lead to the formation of the breeding ground when it comes to bacteria and this will lead to worsening of the condition that happens due to bacteria in vagina. In order to help your case of bacterial vaginosis in healing quickly and prevention of future cases, start using cotton underwear which is more breathable. Also, try not to wear very tight pants.

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