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Yoga Burn – Her Yoga Secrets Reviews

Yoga Burn – Her Yoga Secrets Reviews

Her Yoga Secrets (also known as Yoga Burn) is a system that uses yoga for losing weight and getting a flat belly. It is also sharing some important tips regarding safety to prevent injuries and also how to minimize stress by lowering cortisol levels during your yoga exercises. Yoga Burn program has been exceptionally planned for ladies and it depends on “Element Sequencing” – an extraordinary methodology that advances sound and normal weight reduction.

Yoga Burn is made up with three phases to increase your flexibility and strength. Yoga is not easy and most of people need lots of exercise to get bodies become more flexible and stronger. In short, you have to start from the ground and work your way up and practice to create a body that makes yoga look easy.

Along with the main 12-week Yoga burn program, you also get access to a few bonuses. The first bonus is an MP3 version of the program and the second bonus is special yoga videos that will help you relieve stress and move into a calm state.

How Yoga Burn Works

The program is very user-friendly. All you have to do is follow along and stay committed.

The main part of the program is built on a technique, called dynamic sequencing, which aids do the right yoga poses at the correct time to get the full benefit. The author of Yoga Burn program claims you will do poses that you will not find anywhere else. This is why Yoga Burn is going to give you different results than other yoga programs you’ve tried.

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How Yoga Burn Help To Lose Weight:


1- It keeps your body and mind relaxed

The obesity is a result of excess calories in the body and most people complain about it. Amazingly, absence of balance in your life can brought overweight. For example, too much stress could be a key factor in weight gain. This is because stress motivates your body to release extra adrenaline and cortisol.

2- It facilitates body detoxification

Do you know that high toxicity in your body can result in obesity? Yes, when your liver and the kidneys are intoxicated, they stop functioning properly.

3- It helps maintain the right pH by alkalizing the body

When your body becomes too acidic, it develops a mechanism to fight the acidity. Then it resorts to converting carbs to fat and storing most of the fat consumed which then acts as a buffer. How dangerous can this be to your health? If this fat accumulates inside organs or in the blood vessels, it can lead to fatal illnesses such as the heart diseases. Therefore, the body’s pH is a crucial part of your overall vitality. Your body pH should be about 7.35 and yoga can help you attain and maintain that.

4- It raises your heart rate

The misconception that jogging is the best way to lose weight has been around for quite some time. However, researchers say that getting your heart rate up through jogging can stress the nervous system which might lead to adrenal fatigue. For this reason, they recommend raising heart rate quickly and lowering it quickly (like short interval training). There is no reason to keep your heart rate up for extended periods of time (like 20 or 30 minutes).

Her Yoga Secrets Video Series

The stages are composed particularly to expand on each other with a specific end goal to wind up all the more difficult and successful as the recordings and stages progress. Ladies who partake in the online course are relied upon to experience the three recordings of every stage inside one week. Be that as it may, with a specific end goal to augment the aftereffects of the system, they are told to rehash the three recordings in every stage for a time of four weeks before proceeding onward to the ensuing stage.

The greater part of the Yoga Burn recordings are made and drove by yoga teacher and fitness coach Zoe Bray-Cotton. In each of the recordings in every one of the three stages, Zoe educates members on the best way to move their bodies to perform every yoga move as she does the moves herself while on camera.

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Some Positives Points of Yoga Burn Program:

1- It’s made by a certified yoga instructor who is known to get results for her clients

2- It works for beginners, experts, and everyone who like to do yoga.

3- It offers yoga benefits without the high risk of injury

4- It’s in a video series so you can follow along doing exactly what she does

5- It takes only 12 weeks to go through the entire program to look and feel different.

6- It has an audio version as bonus.

7- It has a bonus of tranquility flow videos that will help you calm down after a busy day

8- You are supposed to see results in a few days.


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