Yoga Poses For Two People (Partners, Besties and Total Strangers)

The popularity of partner yoga is swiftly rising and for good reason! Not only do yoga poses for two people help you guys bond, it makes feel-good poses even more amazing because someone helps you get more deeply into the asana.

Grab your strongest friend or your partner and take flight!

Partner yoga brings people together through movement, play, breath, touch and importantly, in this forum – through intimacy. Here are some of the benefits of partner yoga, and what it can bring to your relationship:

1) Enhances And Cultivates Physical And Emotional Support In Relationships

Both partners need to be fully engaged in the experience, and rely on each other for the very creation of poses, and to maintain balance, alignment and focus.

2) Creating Shared Moments

Partner yoga is not just about basing and flying, instead it is about giving and receiving. Size doesn’t matter, intention does.

Think about two people moving together. Give yourself the chance to let someone receive your weight. Take the opportunity for someone to create shared movement with you.

3) Learning To Let Go

Sometimes we all take life too seriously, and there is always the temptation after a challenging day to take this out on our partner. Partner yoga is about learning to let go and enjoy life!

4) Playground For Intimacy

Practicing with your loved ones can help to bring you closer. Relationships all go through lulls or rough patches when the status quo gets challenged and you need to work through them together.

5) Improving Self-Awareness And Trust

In learning to trust another person, you deepen your ability to trust yourself. Partner Yoga practices reveal the beauty of our interdependence. We see that when we take the risk to become vulnerable in the presence of another, we are empowered to go much deeper with much less effort.

Final Partner Yoga Tips

  • Empty your bladder before you try aerial poses. There’s going to be a lot of pushing on or near your bladder.
  • Don’t eat for an hour or so beforehand. These poses can really give you a good massage, including massaging your digestive organs. You know what that means…
  • Don’t pick a partner you’re still shy with. If you’ve just started dating someone, for example, and you’re still in that “impressing each other” phase, you’re going to be baring almost every inch of your body while making some funny noises.However, I like to say you shouldn’t date anyone you aren’t comfortable with, so this could be a great ice breaker!