what is bodyweight flow?

A review of bodyweight flowbody flows

Created by Tyler Bramlett, Bodyweight Flow claims to be an easy-to-follow system contained of 63, 2-minute routines that consists of a combination  of yoga, pilates, stretching, and advanced  workouts that can help your body become 7% more flexible,enhance your strength by 27%, and help you burn up to 53% more calories, in just one session.also Bodyweight Flow is called to help you complete this with any added equipment, special diets, nutritional supplements such as vitamins,minerals,etc.

Tyler is a fitness pioneer and expert, leads a huge fitness community called The Garage Warrior and ceaselessly goes out of his way to help people get the results their looking for and he hopes to help people who just haven’t had this ability to get expected results even when they put the time and effort into exercising and working out with his new Bodyweight Flow program.

Based on the Bodyweight Flow website, the system works out by leaving you with extremely short, punctuated “daily reminder” routines that releases specific signals into your body to speed up how quickly your body blows up fat, increase flexibility, improve your attitude and essence strength, and decreases aches and pains. And by increasing your flexibility, Bodyweight Flow is asserted strongly to aid all your other fitness efforts (e.g. lifting weights, burning calories through cardio, etc.) naturally fall into place and improve your overall results.

Tyler claims that the Bodyweight Flow system is much simple to use that all you have to do is press play and follow along with the high-quality videos, and that you’re guaranteed to experience results in as short as a week. Indeed, Bodyweight Flow is claimed to be proven to work on men and women of all ages, regardless of body type, skill level, or state of health.


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By the way ,what is bodyweight flow?

Bodyweight Flow comes in the form of a book and a series of workout videos.  It’s a fully training system that anticipate to help you lose weight and become more flexible through a series of beginner, intermediate, and advanced 2 minute workout routines.bodyweight flow things

Bodyweight Flow promises to help anyone burn “up to 53% more calories” from any exercise session.

It also promises to improve your posture and cure nagging aches and pains throughout the body.

When you order Bodyweight Flow, you receive a downloadable eBook and links to three different types of workout routines, including:

— 21 Follow-Along Upper Body Routine Videos

— 21 Follow-Along Lower Body Routine Videos
— 21 Follow-Along Full Body Routine Videos

The 21 videos in each section are separated into three different sections, including Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

You also get a bunch of bonus downloads with your purchase, which we’ll talk about down below.


Bodyweight Flow Bonuses

Bodyweight Flow comes with plenty of bonus features. Here’s what you get when you order Bodyweight Flow:

The Bodyweight Flow Quick Start Guide

A downloadable eBook that teaches you how to start using unique and effective body weight routines in your workouts.

21 Follow Along Upper Body Routines

7 beginner, 7 intermediate, and 7 advanced upper body routine videos that promise to activate the core muscles of your upper body and boost the results you get while performing exercises like presses, curls, pushups, rows, dips, pull-ups, triceps exercises, and more.ss

21 Follow Along Lower Body Routines

Another 7 beginner, intermediate, and advanced lower body exercise videos that activate core lower body muscles and “accelerate the results” you get from squats, lunges, step-ups, leg extensions, hamstring curls, running, and other lower body workouts.

21 Follow Along Full Body Routines

The final 21 videos cover 7 beginner, intermediate, and advanced full body workouts that promise to boost your flexibility, coordination, and core strength.

Daily Flow Calendar

Simplify your workout routine even further by keeping track of your exercises – and progress – using the Daily Flow Calendar.

Exercise Pairing Guide

Which muscles should you work out together? Which exercises complement each other best? This downloadable eBook answers those questions and provides different exercises for runners, bodybuilders, cross trainers, power lifters, and other types of athletes.

14 10, 20, and 30 Minute Routines

This manual offers 14 different “flow routines” in 10, 20, and 30 minute sessions. Each flow routine consists of three different exercises specifically chosen to complement each other. The exercises are led by the same pair – Tyler and his friend – that come in all of the videos above. You get a total of 42 different flow routines (14 10 minute, 14 20 minute, and 14 30 minute exercises).


now! this question might still remain in mind to be asked

Will Bodyweight Flow’s workouts bring you a result?

According to Tyler, Bodyweight Flow has been proven to work, although he later admits the results were uncovered after being “privately tested.” In other words, we’ll just have to take Tyler’s word that the Bodyweight Flow system really works as well as he claims.

However, Tyler does reference 2 studies on his Bodyweight Flow landing page:

  1. A Journal of Sports Sciences study published in 2001 that showed participants increased their overall oxygen consumption during their workout by 21.4%, and
  2. A study published in the IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science that depicted using pre-workout routines increased participants’ strength by 27% and flexibility by 7% in just one session.


How Much Does this program Cost?

Bodyweight Flow is currently available for 19$. You buy the system online from the official website (BodyweightFlow.com), then receive a link where you can download and view all of the training materials.

Want a risk-free trial?

Just click the “escape” or “back” button when you’re on the Bodyweight Flow website. You’ll see a warning message prompting you about a “$1 trial”.

You pay just $1 for that 10 day trial. On the 10th day, you’re billed the remaining $18 for the full manual. If you don’t like the training manual for any reason, you can cancel your trial and never be charged the remaining $18.

Whether you’re signing up for the trial or not, you enjoy a 60 day money back guarantee. You can receive a full refund if you don’t like Bodyweight Flow for any reason within 60 days of ordering.


this program offers lots of selection that is definitely appreciated as a result of there’s nothing worse than repetitive exercises that bore you each second that you simply do them, right? it’s additionally an intensive program that works on your entire body whereas additionally targeting particular areas that always would like to a small degree tending.

More significantly, the Bodyweight Flow Program permits you to use it systematically. You don’t have to be compelled to purchase a brand new program once your exercise level will increase as a result of you’re coated from beginner to advanced. So, you essentially have everything you would like as a result of you aren’t at a shortage of selection, movements or level of fitness.

Tyler additionally offers a whole sixty day a reimbursement guarantee. thus if you’ve taken the time to finish the program associate degreed place the trouble into it and it’s simply not for you for no matter reason simply send Tyler an email and he’ll refund your purchase. therefore you’ve got a full sixty days to undertake out the Bodyweight Flow program.Bodywieght flow Guarantee

Bodyweight Flow is also an online program. So nothing is shipped in the mail to you. After you get purchase you get access to the course. I consider this a pro because who has time to wait on the mail right?


The only con that may very be mentioned concerning the program above is that there isn’t a lot of reading to try and do. The program consists of videos and calendars and not a lot of text close them. However, this could even be seen as a pro because reading an exercise guide isn’t realistic once you’re working up a sweat.

Another factor that involves mind is that some folks might read the official website and see the routines are primarily based off of bound principals of Yoga and Pilates. If you’re a man WHO assumes Yoga and Pilates aren’t the real deal think again!

Yoga and Pilates will have your body operating every type of muscle groups and even Joe Rogan on his well-liked podcast has spoken of what proportion he admires Yoga. This ISN’T  a Yoga or Pilates course although. The routines have a foundation in them and that i promise if you truly use these routines you’ll be sweating up a storm, burning fat and toning your body!