What is a yeast infection?

Allen’s yeast infection no more review

If you have been enduring a yeast infection, you may have discovered Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More books.  Allen’s ebook is reasonably priced and promises to naturally and safely heal a yeast infection during a frame of 12 hours.  Additionally, the book comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which you can read more about later on this page.  The promise of being eliminate AN yeast infection in as soon as 12 hours while not being  obliged to use rough antifungal medicine sounds quite sympathetic, particularly if you’re inquiring the torture of getting a yeast  infection



After I looked Allen’s website precisely, I was quite fascinated by Allen’s claims of being able to terminate a yeast infection naturally with such alacrity.  Other natural treatments could take days to work.  Each hour you have to experience the symptoms of a yeast infection can drag on and on!  Having a yeast infection gone in such a short duration of time is quite impressive, and Allen’s claim could be perceived as a touch unrealistic by some individuals.

To ensure the quality of Allen’s book, and to more fully comprehend her treatment methodologies, I decided to get Linda Allen’s book.  Once I took a look at Allen’s publication, it was apparent that she had used an appropriate degree of professionalism.  As she states, she spent years researching her condition; this shows that Allen could indeed back her claims up with other authors.  It is always good to see a strong list of references whenever you are evaluating any publication; it validates an author’s legitimacy.

plus showing how to alleviate a yeast infection, Allen dealt with the important topic of recurrent yeast infections.  Women are often prone to developing repeat yeast infections, just like Linda Allen dealt with for many arduous years.  According to Linda Allen, she spent 12 years and approximately 35,000 hours of clinical research and thousands of dollars on experiments and trial and error making her final cure.yeast2

Learn more about Yeast infection

1 Yeast infections are common for 75% of women and men will get a yeast infection at some time in their lives, and most people have more than one. Some people, women especially, will find they have recurrent yeast infections which don’t respond to conventional treatment. They can affect any part of the body.


Medical solutions don’t always work!

2 Medical solutions – prescription and over-the-counter alike – don’t always work for yeast infections, particularly with recurrent infections. That’s why natural home remedies and complementary therapies are so necessary.

3 Yeast Infection No More was written by a sentient person – Linda Allen – who was suffering with yeast infections for years. She’s based the program on her own experience and her scientific research. We’ve spoken to her and she’s a woman of real authority, experience and that’s why almost ever it works!

4 Yeast Infection No More is a complete, comprehensive, simple and effective treatment system using natural home remedies that are easily available.


Natural home remedies will kill yeast infections – it’s scientifically trialed!

5 Natural home remedies are now being researched by scientists, and it turns out that the products and remedies used all have a scientific basis. These things work.

6 And effective remedies are urgently needed, because the symptoms of recurrent infection can go way beyond irritation of the skin and pain. For some individuals, yeast infections make life truly deplorable.

7 Yeast Infection No More eBook comprises 240 page, formed so that you can quickly and easily select the information that is designed for you.

creator and author of the Book: Linda Allenlinda

This name ”Linda Allen”  hosts many websites and social media profiles while surfing in search engines, none of which belong to the author of this book. You can simply Google “Linda Allen biography” and “Who is Linda Allen?”, and still you find nothing in the way of information on the author of the book. It took me some serious burrowing to find an affiliate marketing website with even some information on this person named Linda Allen. Based on the site:

  •  Linda Allen was suffering from Candida for 12 years
  • She explored this program and arose in it thanks to her thousands of hours of nutritional skill.
  • She is a qualified  nutritionist, an independent medical researcher (what does this even mean?), and a natural health consultant

Beside of this information, there is nothing to bring the “Linda Allen” role to life. There’s no picture or website for Linda Allen provided, so it is my reason to believe that the person is simply a ghostwriter.



What’s inside Yeast Infection No More Book by Linda Allen?

First, the e-book is pretty long and has quite a bit of data in it. It’s 237 pages long and this is the second edition of her e-book. You might be able to condense it down using a smaller font if you want to, but it really isn’t a hard book to follow.

Linda Allen, a nutrition expert and health advisor from California, is the author and knows the agony of yeast infections first hand. The main goal of her ebook is to wipe out yeast infections by getting rid of the base reason for getting them in the first place.

She doesn’t guarantee a speedy cure, but she does offer a plan to give the sufferer some relief from the symptoms through a 12-hour relief plan.

If you are one of those people who will absolutely refuse to eat differently and change your bad diet, then you may as well not waste your money on this e-book. The information in it will require you to work hard and do your share of work to take advantage of the “Candida Free Diet”.

If you don’t decide to use the diet, you can still try the herbal mixtures and remedies for topical relief to help get rid of the yeast infection symptoms. BTW, Chapter 1 is just the introduction, so I will just skip it. Let’s move to the chapter details inside the PDF guide.

Chapter 2: This chapter explains the basic reasons for yeast infections. Allen shows us how everything from a bad diet to a weak immune system could be the cause of your thrush problem. She helps you see it all from every possible angle and guides you in pinning down the actual problem that is causing your yeast infection to occur. Knowing that is vital if you want to treat it and keep it from coming back.

Have you ever tried to figure out just what causes the horrid yeast infection symptoms? This is it: Candida produces Acetaldehyde, which is a poisonous waste material. It turns into ethanol, which in turn is the cause for much of the awful symptoms you are more than likely feeling like mouth thrush, vaginal Candida, upper back pain, mouth sores, bloat, confusion, restless leg syndrome, bad headaches, blurred vision and constant athlete’s foot.

I thought it was very intriguing that she thinks that the traditional doctors don’t want to tell people that there are natural cures for yeast infections they can try. You may not believe in what she has to say, but they do truthfully make business sense.

I liked the fact that she believes we should listen to our own bodies, eat healthy foods and take responsibility for our own health. If you don’t do that, you won’t ever be free of yeast infections and they will keep coming back!

She still gives us a list of all the medical treatments usually prescribed such as the various creams and pessaries, and gives details on the way they work and a list of any possible horrid side effects.

She talks about how a person’s body can get sick in general, which is very informative.

The entire attitude of the Yeast Infection No More program towards treating a yeast infection is designed around the idea of letting the body achieve its own cleaning out process of getting rid of poisons or detoxing, and then putting the body on the right track to a more natural balance of nutrition and holistic healing.

Chapter 3: Covers how to tell if you have a yeast infection.

  • She talks about the miscellaneous testing doctors do and sent to laboratories and what they involve.
  • After that, she presents a long and involved list of questions and a checklist of seemingly unrelated issues that again stress the reality that yeast infections are not diagnosed very well by traditional doctors.

Chapter 4: This lists the Basic Yeast Infection No More 12 Hour relief treatment. (You are going to really like this!)

  • The 12 Hour Relief Program is spelled out and explained hour by hour on how to follow it. Fair warning, it is somewhat messy, so be ready.
  • There are several wonderful herbal wash recipes also that you can put on your body in the meantime to get rid of the symptoms.
  • You may think it’s ok to stop and not complete the rest of the treatment if your symptoms start to go away, but that’s not a good idea, because if you don’t cure the base cause of these recurring infections, then those horrid symptoms will just come back. So, if you really want to make them go away permanently, then make sure to follow the entire treatment plan.
  • In addition, she offers cures for nail fungus infection – which is yet another symptom of a Candida infection.

Chapter 5: features a Fast Results smaller treatment for those who are too busy to use the entire original program. Chapter 6 features a Fast Results smaller treatment for those who are too busy to use the entire original program.

Chapter 6: details the entire 5 step Yeast Infection No More program to get rid of yeast problems, which is paraphrased due to copyright rules.

Make sure to follow the diet properly, as it has six vital dietary principles included to ensure you are yeast infection free.

Put your immune system back in shape.

  • Every one of the dietary supplements you will need.

detoxify your body’s system

  • Totally complete body detoxification and cleaning details for all the body’s main organs.
  • It features a complete detoxification plan and gives details on how to follow a raw food diet, how fasting works, how to do a juice cleansing and listening to the needs of your body. Actually, after you read it you may even know the digestive system better than some physicians do. I thought the part on dealing with a crisis on healing was very good.
  • Banishing any parasites was somewhat unpleasant, but you will understand why it’s vital to do it for getting rid of a yeast infection.

Destroy The Candida

  • brilliant suggestions on the top ways to eliminate the yeast.

Putting the best products into your body.

  • Every one of the vitamins and minerals you must have to put your body back to a great healthy condition.

Section 2: explains the rest of the lifestyle options that in some way causes yeast infection.

  • I thought the part on how tension affects Candida pretty insightful, as well as the tips she gave for reducing stress.
  • The plan to get better sleep was also a great help and had good advice for sleeping better.

Section 3: brings everything to a point with directions on how to keep your environment “Candida Free.”

The e-book has lots more great advice, but I am sure you can tell that! The entire ebook is very detailed on all topics concerning the overgrowth of candida, which causes a yeast infection.

Now! what is actually yeast infectious?yeast on arm


Within the body of men and women alike, there lives a fungus referred to as Candida albicans. it’s found within the mouth, within the armpits, and in the vagina (for women). it’s one among the numerous microorganisms that sleep in the frame. The immune system is overtaken is tasked with protecting the body from infections, and it’s typically able to keep the unfold of bacteria and Yeast-Infectionfungi in restraint. However, if the immune system is suppressed–the results of medicines, chemotherapy, illness, stress, etc. it is
not capable to stop the outspread of those
fungi and bacteria. With the immune
system no longer preventing the spread of the candida yeast, it’s ready to grow and grow increasingly within the moist, wet environment within the vagina, within the mouth, below the armpits, etc. Yeast feeds on sugar, thus those who consume high quantities of sugar in their diet tend to be more at risk of yeast infections.

What factors would result in candida overgrowth?


At this level of knowledge of this malady ,Knowing what can cause the problem is important to prevent, and “Yeast Infection No More” lists a few of the things and habits that can head to the infection:

  • Poor dietary choices, which can often lead to a compromised gut tract.
  • An improper PH balance, which results deficient digestive enzymes and overproduction of hydrochloric acid.
  • A weak or exposed immune system.
  • The loss of probiotic bacteria in your intestines (the good ones that keep your digestion running smoothly).
  • The accumulation of toxins in your digestive tract.
  • Stress.
  • Imbalances in your hormones.
  • Drugs, antibiotics, and medication.
  • The wrong type of clothing.
  • and more…

based on the eBook, these are the things that cause the candida yeast to grow out of control. The book goes on to explain a bit more about each of these causes, and how exactly they are responsible for the yeast infection.


 The book includes information for not only vaginal yeast infections, but also for penile yeast infections (for men). While these infections aren’t very common, they can be much more painful than vaginal yeast infections. From there, the guide points out how to treat oral thrush and nail yeast infections, two other, less common forms of yeast infections.l2tp-encryption-protocol


The Yeast Infection No more program brings Permanent Solution
this is not a rumor that 77% of the women who suffer from yeast infection meet a re-occurrence of this disease again.

tragically,  conventional antibiotics prescribed by doctors are not treating the main causes of the yeast infection problem and other prescription drugs such as sprays, douches and powders remove both the bad and good bacteria which caused the natural imbalance of bacteria that is needed by your body.

This means that your body won’t stay immune when yeast returns and that is why most women with yeast infection get an even worse return of the infection within 3 months.

Yeast infection no more fights this problem by using only 100% natural methods which help your body retain the right balance and helps getting rid of only the bad bacteria.

Yeast Infection No more Is Great For Your Total Health Condition
One of the best things about the methods inside the 3 Days to Permanent Yeast infection book is that not only do they eliminate YEAST INFECTION permanently, they also increase your overall health in general.

In her Yeast infection book Linda Allen uses an multifaceted approach and not only does she provide fast and simple strategies for quick relief from your YEAST INFECTION symptoms, but she also gives cast iron ways of enhancing and supporting your body’s own beneficial bacteria through lifestyle and diet changes.

The great part about the Yeast infection system is that you won’t find any suggestions for pills, prescriptions or any harmful medications in Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No more book.

Online Lifetime Customer Support
Another thing that I really liked about the Yeast infection product is that for a limited time Linda Allen offers lifetime customer Support for all of her customers.
I personally found this customer support to be very useful and in my opinion it’s great that when you have any questions you can always send an email and get helpful response very fast.

Very Useful Bonus Guides
The Yeast Infection No more main book comes with 4 great bonus guides – Optimal Diet Secrets, Rapid Stress Relief, All Natural PMS Relief, and Natural Yeast Infection Relief.

I personally think that the Rapid Stress Relief and Natural Yeast Infection Relief guides are very important and by understanding these two aspects you will actually learn how to prevent YEAST INFECTION from hitting you again much better.

Full Money Back Guarantee
The Yeast Infection No more guide comes with full 60 days money back guarantee from Linda Allen and if you are not completely satisfied with the results of the Yeast infection system, you will get your money back.

In my opinion only those persons who are very confident that their product will be genuinely liked by their customers and fit their needs perfectly can offer this kind of money back guarantee for so many weeks.


Some Of The Information Inside Yeast Infection No more Is Available Online
There’s a good chance that you could find some of the information available to you in the Yeast Infection No more book if you were willing to research on your own and spend days or even weeks to find similar information on the internet.

It Can Take More Than 3 Days To Cure Your Yeast infection
In all honesty, Linda Allen’s claim that you will be permanently rid of your yeast infection in just 3 days with her Yeast infection system is a bit of an exaggeration and I don’t think that it’s possible.

However, from my experience and from what I’ve read online most of the users seem to find themselves facing at least some relief by that point, with the majority being rid of their YEAST INFECTION problem after about one week.

You Will Need To Pay For Side Natural Ingredients
To get the best results from the Yeast Infection No more program you will have to purchase side natural ingredients just like any natural treatment guides out there.
However, the good news is that you won’t blow a hole in your purse and in fact, some of the ingredients recommended in the Yeast infection guide only cost pennies and they are easily found at your local grocery shop.

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totally, there is no question that Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No more book is very potent system and one of best natural cures for yeast infection available online.
This is a very solid, easily-understood, and straight-to-the-point sort of guide that offers permanent solution without any pills, prescriptions or any harmful medications and overall I am very happy that I found Linda Allen’s Yeast infection book.

It’s true that there is a bit of marketing hype around the Yeast Infection No more book and like I told you before the claim that you will be permanently rid of yeast infection in only 3 days is a bit of an exaggeration.

However, the good news I can tell you about the Yeast Infection No more book is that I saw drastic improvement in less than a week when following Linda Allen’s Yeast infection system and so far (it has been about 5 months now) my YEAST INFECTION has not come back to bother me again.

Just as any natural treatment, the Yeast Infection No more 3 step system is not going to work in 100% of the cases and no one can promise that the same will happen for you, but with the very high success rate, all natural methods and especially the full 60 days money back guarantee I believe that the Yeast Infection No more guide is definitely one of your best bets.