Vinegar, a factor reducing cancer and diabetes

A vetting agent has many effects on the treatment of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, body fat and weight loss, and a nutritionist in the diet, said a dietitian.

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The inappropriate diet plan and the lack of attention by families have led to a reduction in the consumption of some essential food and increased use of low-nutrient foods. Here are the benefits of vinegar consumption in the food basket. The use of vinegar in foods results in the absorption of calcium into the body and, with citric acid, reduces bone loss due to menopause and changes certain hormones and prevents osteoporosis.


The vinegar is made from apples, in addition to digestion and fat loss in the body, causes and slows down and counts and affects cholesterol, high blood pressure, aging and ear infection; therefore, it is recommended that obese people eat apple vinegar In your diet and prevent many diseases.

The dietitian noted that when it comes to inflammatory and fungal infections, vinegar can be used because it has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, and has many effects on the treatment and strengthening of skin and hair.


“Diabetes is one of the diseases that is affected by poor nervousness, inappropriate nutrition, and hereditary factors, with a lot of growth in the country, while vinegar use leads to the prevention and treatment of diabetes in people and reduces blood sugar,” he said.



It should be noted that cholesterol and blood pressure increase are the causes of heart problems, which can reduce the risk of developing cancerous cells by using vinegar.


“Because of the beneficial effects of infection from the body, syringe and aphid burning in the throat can be used with apple juice with hot water and eliminate microbes,” Sarbluk said.


He added: “Any food should be consumed as much as possible to avoid its complications, and the therapeutic benefits and benefits of consumables.” Based on this, it is recommended to use substances such as vinegar to the desired size and not to overuse it in order to prevent gastric ulcer, loss of lips, excessive pressure and blood sugar.