rare picture

Unbelievable Rare Pictures You’ll See Nowaday

People often say a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe it is wrong because these images are worth ten thousand words each. You will have to look twice to understand what’s going on in there.

These misleading photos will make you say WTF because all of them taken at hilariously perfect timing that misleads our view.

beautiful girl model

A building in France was under renovation, so they put an abstract tarp over it.

is this photoshop for building

Sometimes all you need is mother nature. Extreme weather conditions caused these trees to become disfigured.

weather conditions caused these trees to become disfigured

Yes, that’s actually pizza in space

pizza in space

Venus has a rare genetic disorder called chimerism, which means a single thing has genetically distinct cells.

disorder called chimerism

New Zealand artist Neil Dawson constructed this out of welded steel!

New Zealand artist