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Top Secret Tips To Have Flat Abs


1- Start Day With Oatmeal

The secret to getting flat abs includes a diet that helps shrink that midsection. The best things to eat include foods high in fiber and other foods that help you beat the bloat. Swap your normal breakfast for a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, for example; the fiber in the oatmeal will aid in digestion, and the antioxidants in blueberries may help you shed ab fat.


2- Drink to Detox Your Body

It’s not just in the foods you eat – what you drink can help debloat and flatten your tummy as well, so bottoms up! Drinking a glass of water with lemon every morning, for example, will help you alkalize your body — which helps you burn fat and detox your system.


3- Lift Weights 3 Times per Week

Think weights won’t help you get a six-pack? Think again. Grabbing hand weights for your ab work will increase the difficulty and challenge your ab muscles further. Try these ab exercises with weights to change up your workout.


4- Drink More Water Daily

According to dietitian Julie Upton, drinking about half your weight in fluid ounces of water is a great way to ensure you stay hydrated, have energy, and even burn more calories.