“My bikini belly” program review




 What is My bikini belly Exactly?

A complete program which reveals everything we already understand about exercise on its head, this plan describes how we have Bikini-Belly 222

If you don’t know what cortisol means, we suggest you to pursue the following definition

What is cortisol? It’s a stress hormone which is brought about when the body is under pressure. Many traditional routines entirely deny this key factor, when advising women, and more specifically women of a certain age.

Shawna claims that once a woman hits 35 years of age, her body will automatically activate a certain gene found inside the fat cells of her tummy. Each year her body is flooded with these genes, which stop her metabolism from burning off excess tummy fat. Worse, if she exercises the wrong way, she may unknowingly speed up the storage of fats in her tummy.shawna2

Who made “my bikini belly”? and why should I trust her?

Made by Shawna Kaminski, a Canadian athlete who is proudly owner of the NW Fit Body Boot Camp, “My Bikini Belly” is a fitness  that focuses on certain abs technique that would help women to shut down their menopause gene and get a flatter and firmer tummy in just around 21 days – without harsh diets or time-consuming exercises.]


Some key points you SHOULD know!

To counter the effects of these “menopause genes,” Shawna Kaminski uses the Metabolic Activation Training. This will activate three parts of your body’s natural processes that must work together in order to shed off belly fat fast and efficiently as you age.

  1. The first step would deactivate these “menopause genes,” so your body would immediately start dissolving fats in your belly in less than one day.
  2. secondly, you’ll activate a certain hormone that would contract and tighten your belly as the weeks go by.
  3. finally, you’ll turn your metabolism back to normal condition, so you continuously burn off those obstinate belly fats in the next 3 days.

here’s a couple of things you’ll discover inside the  program in particular:

  • A workout trick that will activate the anti-aging molecules within your body cells and enhance your energy levels.
  • A less-known set of exercises that would speed up your metabolism, so you continue to melt extar fats in the next 3 days.
  • Shawna Kaminski’s “Beat the Bloat” habit that’s going to stay with you to get a flatter belly quicker.
  • Tips on how to make a diet plan that would effectively assist your body to get rid of extra weight and form slender and strong muscles without losing your feminine curves.
  • Body movements that automatically activate and increase your metabolism, so you burn more tummy fats even when you’re sleeping.
  • A great method that will push through your body to set free specific hormones that would make you become younger from the inside out.
  • A certain step that helps your body to restore hormonal balance in order for you to accelerate your metabolism.
  • A special workout order that will improve your blood circulation and burn off more fats at your abdomen.
  • Tips on how to decrease the appearance of cellulite.
  • Some other simple body movements that would gain your butt and leg muscles, and much more…


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What you will get if you purchase

The ultimate aim of this guide and program is to help you to get the body you have dreamed of and deserve. besides, you will get better skin, healthier teeth and eyes and a whole lot of confidence, but these are the end results. The program is broken down into 3 workout sessions on DVD. These are aimed at implementation over just a short 3 week period.

Workout 1 – The Belly Flush

This first section of the system focuses on teaching you how to turn off those menopause molecules to get you back in control of your body. With a range of simple yet specific exercises, you can ensure that you are triggering fat burning in your metabolism.

Workout 2 – Bikini Belly Burn

Female body with the drawing arrows. Fat lose, liposuction and cellulite removal concept.
Female body with the drawing arrows. Fat lose, liposuction and cellulite removal concept.

The second part is dedicated to activating the belly-shrinking hormone even further. With key exercises designed to build on the previous ones, it is progressive. As a result, your body will begin to recalibrate your hormones, helping to contribute to a faster metabolism.

Workout 3 – Bikini Belly Blast

The third and final phase of the workouts focuses on optimising your metabolism, and kicking off the fat melting process. These targeted exercises are quick and easy to follow also, as well as having the added benefit of activating anti-aging molecules. As well as a body of your dreams, this guards against brain fog, and improves clarity of mind.




Highly customized, this system allows you to take and choose the workouts that will work on you and your lifestyle. Kaminski suggests flush blast burn on cyclic repeat, but suggests you look at what works for you.

This program is created by a woman for women, this program is certainly crafted for women with a few years under their belts, and the hormones to reverse! This means that Kaminski entirely perceive what you are looking for, and how best to show what you need to do.

In spite of existence many programs on the market, many don’t address this specific age group in women. Because it is so intended and personalised, this is a highly striking program.

Shawna Kaminski’s My Bikini Belly is priced really fairly, making it affordable for anyone to try. Right now the program is offered at just $37 and it is a one off fee. You do not need to buy lots of equipment. Instead the book focuses on training you about using your own body weight to get balanced!

You are also offered a 60 day standstill period, which means that if you don’t find or feel the any changes after following the protocol for 60 days, you can cancel the order and receive a full refund. This demonstrates the extreme safety and security of this method.


  1. The 21 Day program is only available in digital format which makes it difficult to be accessible for all women.
  2. You need a good internet connection to follow the 21 day program as it is not available in hard copy yet.


  1. This program requires you to follow the 21-day blueprint for results
  2. As of this My Bikini Belly review, there is no hard copy of this program


Bottom line


Overall, “My Bikini Belly” is a great fitness system for women that struggle to lose belly fat, and this program by Shawna Kaminski is highly rated based on the following items contained in the program

  • Amount of Content – 9/10
  • Quality Of Content – 9.5/10
  • Friendliness – 9/10
  • Bonus items – 9/10
  • Customer Support – 8.5/10
  • Overall Value For Money – 9.5/10




If you are looking for a plan to help you transform your body style and the former and incompetent methods couldn’t help you, we suggest you this one with no need to starving yourself. all you need to do is to try it!

although this program is not exactly the best choice for women in the age of 20-30 (but they can also gain some benefits from it), we personally believe that women over 35 years old will find this program to be one of the most affordable fitness programs on the market today…

The thing we really like about the this plan is that it offers quick yet effective workouts that can be done at home without special equipment, and take just around ten minutes a day. In addition, the great price tag and the fact that the program was designed by a real fitness expert are other things that make this plan a great choice.

All in all, if you are in your late 30’s or older, and you try to find effective and affordable body program that was designed especially for women at your age, then this system may be a great choice for you.

furthermore, the 60 days refund insurance that Shawna provides gives you all the time you need to try her program for several weeks and to see for yourself if it really works or not. If after this period you believe that the My Bikini Belly system didn’t make any changes in you, then your all money is in your hand!

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