Joseph Gordon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt busked in a LA subway station, proves he’s a beast on drums with amazing act on drums!

The previous summer, U2 covertly busked in a New York City tram station as a major aspect of an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Suburbanites were as of late treated to a comparable off the cuff musical treat, obligingness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

After deliberately setting up his drum unit amidst a metro stage, the Inception on-screen character went to work, hotly drumming for around 40 seconds. As cool as the display might have been, most bystanders didn’t appear to be all that intrigued, unfortunately. A delicate “Booo!” could even be heard toward the end. (I figure they’d much rather be flashed by a vagrant for the third time??)

The brief busking session is a piece of Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord “Regular, Spectacular” battle, which urges his fans to make “a bit of craftsmanship that catches those unmissable, fantastic minutes that happen each day.” “I played the drums (in a tram) for our ‘Ordinary, Spectacular’ task,” he wrote in the video’s YouTube portrayal. “Presently, where are all you artists going to play your instruments?”