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What is Forward Head Posture FIX Program about? Who are Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj ? Read My Honest Forward Head Posture FIX Book Review in which you will be informed about best sleeping position, best way to sleep, best positions in general, proper posture , how to get rid of head and neck pain, proper sitting posture and many other health issues. So stay with us to know more!

Product Name: Forward Head Posture FIX

Product Author: Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj

Bonuses: Yes

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Forward Head Posture FIX Review:

Forward head posture has become so popular, in part because of our lifestyle people working at desks, children playing video games, teenagers have obsessed with their cellphones or simply prolonged poor posture. It affects almost all people, regardless of age or level of fitness. It’s an issue that arises in just one area of your body but affects your overall health, including your own mental, as well as the physical condition of your own. If you want to look taller and leaner, improve your breathing and sleep position while getting rid of texting neck in a quarter, If you own a cell phone and you text a lot, sit down to work and have that constant nagging ache in your neck, back, shoulder, in fact, your whole body, do you want to fix it immediately and get aware of best positions, Forward Head Posture Fix is the best program ever for you!

Forward Head Posture FIX is an effective plan for men and women who want to get rid of their texting neck, fix their posture in order to move and want to know best sleeping position. This program explains to you how it’s possible to fix your forward head posture using just 10 easy exercise that instantly improve your posture and increase your strength, energy, and vitality.

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Few Lines About Forward Head Posture FIX:

Forward Head Posture FIX is an exclusive and effective program that guides to correct the bad posture habits of my athletes so that they can perform at their best day in and day out. This program tells you many ways to forward head position detrimental to your health and holding you back. It amazingly focuses on the sequential flow and it isn’t necessarily about what exercises and stretches are performed, more about doing them in the right sequence in order to open up and “unravel” the neck so you can begin to fix Forward Head Posture and restore balance to your body. This program is created to get to the very root of the problem and give you a long term solution. It is the simplest program you can use to improve your posture for greater strength, better health and energy in less than 15 minutes a day as soon as possible. This program delivers a targeted, effective program with a “sequential flow” of 10 exercises because of their simplicity and effectiveness.


Forward Head Posture FIX Includes:shorter-fatter-forwardneck

Forward Head Posture FIX DVD Video: It comes with DVD-Video and each video takes you carefully through each exercise with a clear explanation on how to target the right muscle the first time. The video consists of three sections:

First Video- Coaching Instructional Video beginning with an explanation from Rick about what the following exercise is designed to do, how to execute it with the best form and what you should feel about that move.

Second Video- It is provided a Follow Along format designed so you can perform the exercises at the same time as the video with the explanation stripped out.

Third Video- Here, you’ll find exercise swaps that include progressions and regressions to make the movements harder or easier for you depending on your need.forward head posture

Forward Head Posture FIX Manual: Here, the supplementary manual that goes deeper into the underlying causes of forward head posture, why leaving it untreated can cause long-lasting problems to your health and how you can immediately slam the brakes on the damage you’re doing to your spine and neck. Discovering the methods and sequential flow outlined in detail in the manual, you can start the process of bringing your body health back and strength with detailed descriptions of the exact exercise movements with many related pictures.

Benefits You Will Achieve When You Eliminate Forward Head Posture:

Achieve higher levels of performance increasing lung capacity and hormones.

It will protect your spine from wear and tear and you can also breathe and sleep better with no snoring.

You seem 10lbs lighter and 2 inches taller.

It increases your self-steam so you’re not self-conscious.

After eliminating your forward head posture you will be more focused and able to think better.

It protects your spine from tear and wear.

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Here’s The Methods To Unravel The Neck Muscles:sleep positions

Muscle Re-education Drills  It helps to re-educate your muscles to put your head in its own position again.

Breathing Exercises – This method gives you the Deep belly breathing and the whole body so your muscles will relax and help you bring the head and body into a line.

Mobility Exercises – Mobility movements are used to unlock the joints in your spine to decrease the stress and injuries.

Deep Cervical Flexor Training – It has proven that re-training the best positionsflexors is the key to restoring the balance of your head.

Self-Massage – This method helps in loosens up and lengthens muscles that have become shortened and helps to relieve trigger points that have created.

Static Stretching – This technique is done in the correct sequence static stretching can be very useful.

Postural Strengthening – It had unraveled the head, neck and upper body by focusing on the muscles and joints that are affected by FHP.


Walk Taller – It will add up nearly two inches to your height as your body naturally lengthens and your curved back and shoulders straighten.

Maximum Performance – You can confidently work out to your maximum and strive to hit the most performance without fear of injury

Sleep Better – Ready to take on the day when you get the best night’s sleep of your life by means of best sleeping position and wake up feeling refreshed and fully energized.

Boost Testosterone – It can increase your testosterone level by 20% and decrease cortisol by 25%.

Build Confidence – You’ll affect others and instantly feel more confident and empowered.

Look and Feel Slimmer – You’ll unconsciously look slimmer when you lose the ugly turtleneck that squashes your belly outwards

Breathe Easier – the body is correctly aligned suddenly your respiratory function will be enhanced.


  • Forward Head Posture FIX is not a “magic bullet” and you need to put your time on it. You will need to follow this program for at least few weeks to see the results.
  • A few customers want to have a paper copy of the Forward Head Posture FIX, which is more concrete as compared to reviewing an electronic gadget. In fact, it’s not a downside given that you might just print a copy of this e-book.



Overall, I am sure that you will love Forward Head Posture FIX based on the fantastic results! It will give temporary relief from any neck, shoulder or back pain, Rick’s program is designed to get to the very root of the issue and give you a long term solution. Using this program, you’ll discover exactly why this program has been so famous as you’ll stay to benefit almost instantly. Taking just 15 minutes a day, you can find a simple program to include in your daily routine and within a week you will notice a little aches and pains in the shoulders, back and neck had solved. Try this program now and you feel stronger, more powerful and feel energetic!!