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Soluble fibefull fiber veganr is a magnet for water. It turns to gel and slows down the digestion process, guarding against spikes in blood sugar. This type of fiber is found in oat bran, seeds, lentils, peas and many fruits and vegetables. Consuming foods with soluble fibers lowers LDL cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Insoluble fiber is plentiful in whole grains, wheat bran and certain vegetables. It helps food run through your stomach and intestines quickly, keeping your system clean and reducing the chance of constipation.

General Facts about High-Fiber Foods

Eating cereals with insoluble fibers reduces the risk of diabetes. People who have type 2 diabetes should eat soluble fiber to control blood sugar levels.

Pears are just as cleansing for the digestive system as prunes, and you’ll probably like the taste better! They contain 3 grams of insoluble fiber and 2 grams of soluble fiber.

red-lentils for weight lossLentils

Lentils are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, and they encourage healthy digestion.  A cup of cooked lentils offers 15 grams of dietary fiber.


There are 7 grams of fiber in a cup of green peas. These tasty veggies are high in protein, and improve your overall bowel health to prevent constipation.

berries for weight loss fastBerries

Blackberries provide plenty of fiber to keep your digestive system well-oiled. One cup contains 8 grams of dietary fiber, 62 calories and more antioxidants than any other food. Blueberries offer antioxidants galore and 3.6 grams of dietary fiber. They have a low glycemic index (GI) like other berries.


There are 10 grams of fiber in a cup of chopped avocado, and this creamy green fruit also contains magnesium, Vitamin E, potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and energy-boosting B-Vitamins.

Oats for weight lossOats

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. A cup of instant oatmeal contains 4.0 grams of fiber, and studies indicate oats play a role in preventing colorectal cancer. A joint British-Dutch study showed that a diet high in fiber from cereals and oatmeal resulted in a lower chance of colorectal cancer.

Broccoli for weight loss quaicklyBroccoli

Broccoli is considered a superfood by many nutritionists, and its fiber content is one of the reasons. A cup of chopped, boiled broccoli has 5.1 grams of fiber. Add that to its low calorie count (55 calories in a cup), long list of vitamins and minerals and anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, you’ve got a don’t miss food for better health.

wheatgrass for weight loss quicklyWheatgrass

Another fiber-rich superfood, wheatgrass, when taken in supplement form, helps digestion. Unfortunately, humans can’t eat wheatgrass raw, but supplement pills, smoothies and wafers encourage healthy digestion and provide dozens of other health benefits.

Add these and other high-fiber foods  (brown rice, millet, barley, okra, coconut, etc.) to your diet to keep your digestive system happy and maintain your weight.