Before and after pictures of man with 16 months nutrition and exercise changes and losing 180 lbs.

Amazing Before & After weight loss transformations

Sometimes the hardest part of making a big alter is getting motivated. Which is why we’ve found 22 seriously animating women who have lost anywhere from 84 to 206 pounds. Their weight-loss secret? Good old-fashioned healthy eating and exercising.


“At 25, I was named with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and prediabetes, but I figured that was the norm because my family has a story of heart disease. Then one day I was sitting on the couch watching my 2-year-old daughter play. I realized that if I continued down that path, she would follow in my footprints. Right then and there I decided to create a healthy new family legacy.”

weight loss 20 poundsMy Weight-Loss Secret: “I was too embarrassed to go to the gym, so I committed to walking three times a day for 10 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I’d just walk in situ in front of the TV. After a year, I’d lost about 40 pounds through a combo of diet and exercise. Then I got pregnant with my son. I kept walking, and eight months after he was born, I’d lost 63 more pounds. I’ve kept off the weight for nine years, and today, I still walk about two miles, three days a week.”

What else helped: “If my plate looks barren, it’s hard for me to feel full. Now I always make sure to cover it with vegetables so it’s piled high with nutrient food.”


“A doctor’s visit in February 2014 was my wakeup call in. I was 242 pounds, prediabetic, and my blood pressure was sky-high. I knew it was dangerous, and I had to focus on getting healthy. The problem: I’m a working mom of four kids ranging in age from 14 to 22, so I have limited time.”


“When I was really heavy, I felt like people were staring at me, so I didn’t go into stores or restaurants by myself. I’d walk with my head down and avert eye contact. My mom had a heart attack at age 41, when I was 19, and that was never far from my brain. On my 39th birthday in 2012, I hit 250 pounds and thought, I’m going to die if I don’t do something. So I set a finish to get under 200 pounds by age 40.”


“Facebook spurred my translation four years ago. I was 240 pounds and saw a photo of myself at a friend’s wedding. My arms looked tremendous. I was so embarrassed that I untagged myself and set my brain to making changes.”