5 Signs of meningitis you should know

The brain and spinal cord in your body act as the command center and often control everything that is done in the body. So protecting these organs against damage is one of the most important issues. These two limbs are surrounded by membranes known as meninges. This membrane helps protect these two organs against germs. However, in some cases meninges are infected by bacteria or viruses. This is called meningitis.

Viral meningitis is much more common than meningitis caused by bacteria. Bacterial meningitis is very rare, but it can be fatal. Unfortunately, the signs of the two are very similar to each other. Therefore, none of the symptoms of meningitis should be ignored. In this article, we are going to do the same thing, so stay with us.
Feel like you have flu.
When your body is struggling with germs, it’s not uncommon to feel like having fever and feeling sick. But this can be the first sign of meningitis. If you do not have energy, fever, nausea and headache that is constantly getting worse, and the use of medication does not improve the condition, it’s better to doubt the presence of meningitis. Meningitis moves very fast. So if you have an unusual event and you are not good, see a specialist.

Your neck is stiff:
This will not be the same as the ones you experience after waking up. The pain that occurs after waking up in the neck is a pressure that tends to adhere to a specific area of the neck and gets better when you massage or heat it.

But the pain that is caused by meningitis is very different in the neck. In these conditions, when you stretch, the pain worsens and this pain may be felt in different areas such as the neck and shoulders. Moving the neck up and down causes inflamed tissues to drain, which causes severe and deep pain that may also spread to the head or back.

The presence of light will annoy you:
When you are exposed to sunlight, you may have to close your eyes or even avoid them. This also applies to room lighting. Fear of light or discomfort when exposed to it can be associated with inflammation of the optic nerve behind the eye. In such a situation you will have a headache with eye pain.

Symptoms of meningitis, meningitis

Viral meningitis is much more common than meningitis caused by bacteria

You are confused:
Your doctor may have these conditions “altered mental state.” This means you have trouble thinking. When the infection around your brain surrounds you, you may feel confused and confused and you can not concentrate. You may encounter difficulties in explaining the symptoms you are experiencing, or you can not follow a simple instruction. You may also not know where you are and what you are doing. The presence of such symptoms should be taken seriously and refer to a specialist as soon as possible.

You see points on your skin:
Rash is like a red flag that tells you there is a problem with the body. Small purplish spots can also be a sign of meningitis. Cutaneous rash is an indication that is too late and can be very serious. This rash tells you that you have been suffering from bacterial meningitis. Such cases occur when it releases toxic bacteria into your system, which causes the small blood vessels in the skin and internal organs to tear.

When a rash appears, it may be too late. In such a situation, damage to the organs of the body is usually damaged and the tissues and blood vessels of the body are damaged. If you already experience other problems and suddenly notice a skin rash, you should consult a specialist and get advice from him.