Stars Who Aged Terribly

5 Beautiful Stars Who Aged Terribly

Aging isn’t always a pretty thing, and that’s fine. But when you’re a part of Hollywood’s Crème de la crème, there really is no excuse to neglect yourself. So what happened to the following stars? Well, it’s hard to say but one thing’s for sure – it isn’t good…



Val Kilmer Have Aged HorriblyVal Kilmer

It’s been many years since his last big hit, and it seems we’re left only with the ‘big’ part and no hit around.


Pamela Anderson Have Aged HorriblyPamela Anderson

It’s hard to believe this woman was once a model, and was considered one of the sexiest actresses on earth.

johntravoltaJohn Travolta

The only trace of his Grease days are probably in the food he’s eating now. And plenty of it, it appears.

Janet Jackson Have Aged HorriblyJanet Jackson

No doubt that the famous Jackson features are still there, but she looks like a whole new sister we’ve never seen before.


Carrie Fisher Have Aged HorriblyCarrie Fisher

Carrie turned famous when she played Princess Leia in the 1977 Star Wars.